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by:Leneia O’Hara

1.  Set us up & tell our readers a little bit about your new reality TV show, “Love Addiction.”

Love Addiction is a show that a lot of us can relate well with. At one point of our lives, most of us have been blind to the fact that our significant other is not good for us. However, we are so invested in the idea of love that we ignore obvious red flags and lose our healthy selves in a dysfunctional relationship. We want to leave but we are addicted to being in love and making it work…kinda like a drug addiction you can’t break. I step in and help the addicted lover to regain a sense of reality and to pursue true love versus being abused, used and mistreated. It airs on TVOne Wednesdays at 8pm EST and online at tvone.tv if you miss any episodes.


2.  You’re joined by two additional therapists on the show, Dr. Hasani Pettiford & Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis.  Tell us: what is it like working with other professionals in a reality television setting?  Do you always agree?

You know it’s a small world because Hasani and I worked together for TVOne a few years back on Black Men Revealed. I went to school withDr. Bryant-Davis brother, Pastor Jamal Bryant, at Morehouse. So, we already were family and represent different gifts. I love the diversity and honestly feel that God paired us with the right couples to help. I focused on the women in the show primarily and loved every minute of it. Women are queens and need to be reminded of that. I can honestly tell you that we all get along and are fans of each other’s work. I eat popcorn and have my notepad out when they host to sharpen my own skills. We push each other to serve at the highest level. God is good!


3.  What lead you to your passion for healing the broken?

Actually, I started doing relationship workshops and seeing couples as a result of working with so many children. I LOVE working with youth and have been graced with the education, training and anointing to help them find their element and become significant change agents in this world. When the youth would complain about their parent’s relationship dynamics, I would bring in the couple and it has grown ever sense. When you are working with children it is quite common to treat the entire family.


4.  Who, so far, has been the couple you feel has had the most benefit from the show?

 Actually all three of the women I helped have made major strides (Gayln, Carlwanna & Deena). They left their abusive/absent men and are pursuing God’s calling for their lives. Their ex’s have really struggled which shows that a good woman is hard to find. In fact, the research shows that marriage benefits men more than women, meaning that married men are happier, wealthier and healthier (longer life expectancy). I suspect that each will marry a great man and never look back. I thank God that I had the honor of working with them.


5.  Are you hoping the viewers will be encouraged to get professional help after watching the show?

Absolutely, in fact, that’s the reason I agreed to do the show. I am a pioneer for psychology and using therapists to get you more of what you desire and less of what you don’t when it comes to relationships. In fact, I want all viewers to go to www.psychologytoday.com and do a therapist search and get busy on being better lovers, live healthier lives and living God’s calling for their lives.


6.  Do you think the show will help relieve the stigma among the black community that therapy isn’t “for us?”

Of course it will! The reality is that we need therapy like we need water due to the multiple generations of dysfunction that are prevalent in most of our families. I also hope they see the need to establish a strong, daily relationship with God because all three hosts are extremely grounded in our faith. We can do better when we know better.


7.  Your book title sounds INTRIGUING!!  And helpful for thousands of women!  Tell us about your book, ” The RING FORMULA: How To Be The Only One He Ever Needs.”

This book is for women who wish to marry and yearn to know the specifics for how to be the ONE woman that men fall madly in love with. I help women take the man from first meetup to dating to exclusivity to the altar. The Ring Formula provides the formula for meeting a man’s needs better than any other woman while REQUIRING him to the do the same in return. I provide vignettes to make the book fast-paced, fun and practical so that women clearly understand how women are the prize. I help women refine their strategies on getting good men to pursue them without the desperation, fear or insecurities. I wrote this book to a blessing to women because we need wives in order to be the best men we can be.


8.  So you also take callers on various radio shows – that’s gotta be crazy!!  What is one of your memorable calls from the radio show callers?

I was doing radio with KD Bowe in Atlanta and we challenged men to call in if they were happily single. Men called but each eventually admitted that while they were “good” (8/10 in happiness) that finding the right woman would make them feel “great”. It illustrated the research that shows that the guide to the highest level of wealth, happiness and health is through marriage. Women were amazed to hear that but it’s true. When you look at all that a great wife does for her husband, how can he not be greater than a single man? So, the message to men is, “Stop being afraid of getting hurt and get married so you can live longer, smile more and make enough to build generational wealth.”


9.  You’ve led an incredible journey coaching, teaching, and healing people.  Sum up your life experiences in three words.

Do God’s will!


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