Prime 55 is the new elegant, sexy restaurant opening on Delmar. Since there’s nothing like the upcoming restaurant in the area, the two owners Orlando Watson and Tony Davis figured they would take advantage of the opportunity near the loop.

Watson and Davis have a lot of history, from being childhood friends to being in the music business together in the 90s, to both of them having experience in the nightlife to now opening a business together, Prime 55. Watson breaks down the meaning of the title; “Prime” representing best quality and “55” meaning “out with the old and in with the new.”

The restaurant will be a fine and dine experience with two levels providing a sexy ambiance and two full bars. The food served will range from steak and creole food to vegan and vegetarian food.

When asked about the importance of being a business owner, Watson said “It’s paramount and vital, It’s all I know.” He adds that he’s been working for himself since the 90’s and being a business owner “gives you power to empower people who look like you.” He takes prides in helping and hiring people in the community.

“ I think right now is the easiest time to create a business.”

Besides the food selection and design of the restaurant, Prime 55 will also have special events on certain days, offer space to rent out for private parties and offer valet on the weekends. The owners want the fine restaurant to be destination spot for people coming from out of town and an overall great experience.

The new rest is set to open late April, early May and when it does, make sure you visit at 6100 Delmar Blvd; Prime 55 Restaurant and Lounge.

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