The making of a masterpiece

By: Seven L. Maxwell

While following his dreams; Christopher Burch painted his way to Columbia College where he obtained his degree in painting and drawing.  Fresh out of college with a new-found understanding of the craft that he’s forever cherished; Burch returned to St. Louis, only to realize there was no place for his form of expression. Burch worked with popular artists such as Justin Tolentino, Peat Wollaeger, C’Babi Bayoc, Bryan Walsh, and Chris Sabatino to help the city’s hidden gems to emerge and be celebrated. “Back then, we started building and incubating and fostering our careers by taking a do-it-yourself approach.  That was the only way we could get any exposure in the city.  That experience taught me a lot”.

Burch has since left St. Louis in pursuit of knowledge.  After being offered a scholarship to the San Francisco Art Institute, he continued his education until graduating in 2008. It was then that he decided to make a life in the Bay Area.  He works closely with artists he helped to create a scene for.  As a part of The Regional Arts Commission’s presentation of Screwed Again, Burch’s work is featured with eight other popular artists which come together to collaborate on some of the most visually-inspiring pieces in the city.

Burch is also working on his own idea to help his community, through his website “Giant Killerz is a brainchild of mine for a long time. It incorporates more of a do-it-yourself mentality towards pushing the boundaries of how artists can create and sustain themselves in the world; independently outside of the gallery system to further explore self-promotions, getting clientele, and working with more artists to get themselves out there,” Burch explained.  “Giant Killerz site is like a hub to see what other art is out there, what other things are happening within the art world, democratize the levels of participation. It took a minute to understand where I wanted to take the project, and now I have an idea where I’m going to take it”.

With a bright future lying ahead of him; the now Bay Area artist, is more than an artist, he’s the leader of a new school of expressionists on a mission to bring an array of artists together to achieve a common goal—success.

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