Aloha Mischeaux

Singer/Song writer

The origin of her success can be easily traced to her musical dexterity, her sparkling personality, or even her ability to live purposefully; Aloha is perpetually proving that she is a spectacular entertainer. Fusing sounds of pop, rock, soul and hip hop, she has found a niche in refining an undefined genre. When questioned about her musical journey she states, “Music is the most influential thing in the world. I want to make sure my music has substance.” Lyrically she is able to reach the heart strings of the listener and play them melodically.

Staying true to herself is vitally important to her. Not conforming has been a great asset and allowed her to write bubbly club bangers and beautiful ballads—all from a true perspective. While her sights are set on winning Grammy’s, her heart’s desire is to fulfill the plan that God has for her. Aloha’s experience in the music business has gifted her thick skin and a captivating stage presence. While working with her manager Reno and RockHouse she is constantly growing as an artist.

Although she is not easily impressed by new artists, she has an extensive catalog including music from great writers like Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie and Prince. On her recently released EP titled Badd she has written a beautiful composition called “You”. In this moving opus she demonstrates her vocal quality and tells an enchanting story of true love. Whether it’s attending a performing arts school in NY, wowing the nation with her American Idol experience, gracefully blessing stages, or leading an all female band, (What She Said).; she’s verified that she is an international phenomenon. Aloha is a star that will continue to shine for many years to come.

Her EP is in stores now and her album is coming soon.

Twitter: starringaloha

Written by Bell Darris

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