Alizé has introduced yet ANOTHER liqueur….Alizé COCO élegance.

It’s a blend of premium tropical Island rum, coconut milk, a hint of passion fruit juices and spices.

Some have compared it to Malibu’s Coconut Rum, but they say it’s better LOL.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find it ANYWHERE in the vicinity yet – probably because it just came out last month. But I can’t wait to make this my cocktail of choice!

To reintroduce Alizé to you:

Alizé Gold Passion – the “original”, a blend of passion fruit juice and other exotic fruits, w/French Cognac.

Alizé Red Passion – a blend of cranberry juice, passion fruit juice, peach and French Cognac

Alizé Wild Passion – a blend of mango, passion fruit and pink grapefruit w/French Cognac

Alizé Bleu – a French Vodka, blended with Cognac, passion fruit, cherry and ginger

Alizé Rose – Rose petals, strawberries, and lychee blended with French Vodka

You can get all the other varieties at your local, bootleg liquor store LOL – but I did find COCO élegance HERE.






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