If we here at Delux Magazine have been waiting for any artist to break nationally and internationally, Atlanta’s darling, Chinkie Brown ( @chinkiebrown ), is definitely that artist. Her first single Wonderland (you must check it out) had our entire office dancing in the hallways and perfectly demonstrates her gift for music genre fusion!  Not to mention her urban chic style that attracts masses and ohhhh how that wailing electric guitar made us fall in love with her.

Chinkie Brown’s Southern swag meets Urban Cosmo style is surely to connect with an international audience. Most interesting, Brown is they type of artist to reference both Lil’ Wayne and European rockers the Arctic Monkeys as her influences.

We here at Delux just want to tell all of our Atlanta friends to check out this magnificent woman in person at her upcoming record deal signing party on September 8th!  Congratulations Chinkie Brown, it has been along time coming, but you deserve it!


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