Kontrolled Khaos is a forum that discusses relevant – thought provoking urban, socio-economic and political issues that affect our communities. A conversation between adults brings the audience the naked truth about issues ranging from love, dating, relationships to politics, health, religion, financial wealth and urban awareness. The forums have no hidden agendas nor do they promote personal

agendas. They are strictly an education forum for the betterment of our community.  Every subject matter is challenging in an effort to promote awareness and action.


SoLightSkin—Being your true self without regard of society’s expectations of you.

SoLightSkin….A Mindset…Not a Skin Color!


SoLightSkin began with the daily controversial topics  that Heather “JusHeat” Shelton would discuss on her Facebook page. Tonya Rush loved the daily debates and they teamed up in December of 2010.  January 2011 they de- signed a Facebook page to host life issues.  Their fan base developed very quickly but they felt they needed the male perspective so they teamed up with Don Boyce, AKA Mr. Ballgame.  Almost immediately their fan base grew from a couple hundred to a couple thousand. One of their supporters referred them to Patrick G. at iwatchradio.com.  In an informal meeting with the iwatchradio team, their personalities spoke for themselves and their talk show began early June, 2011.


BIO—Heather “JusHeat” Shelton

Dubbed the Facebook Queen of Controversy, JusHeat Shelton is not ashamed to stare adversity right in its dirty little face! No matter if it’s looked down upon, glorified or just looked at by society as an off limits topic, she is prepared each week to debate the topic down to the last stance. She was born and reared right here in St. Louis, Missouri and as the youngest child, exuding her witty charm is nothing new. JusHeat is a Kirkwood High School and University of Missouri-St. Louis graduate. Being educated will probably catch her followers off guard but she really is a spiritually grounded young lady who  attends Webster University pursing a Master’s in Human Resource Development. Her lovely personality comes second to her classic upbringing. Her topics sometimes stem from everyday people who have everyday issues. Her goal with the radio show is to shed light on the huge problem of Self Accountability. Her personal philosophy is:  “If people would look at themselves, before pointing the fingers, a clearer view of the REAL problem would surface.”


BIO—Don  “Mr. Ballgame” Boyce

Mr. Ballgame also known a The Franchise is professionally known as Don Boyce.  Mr. Ballgame was born and raised in St Louis Missouri and is a former athlete. Don competitive nature stems from being a competitor as a high school and college athlete and born from that spirit is his knack for hosting controversy topics.  Don is known for bringing the hardcore truth to various topics. He believes people make too many excuses in life and real friendship and accountability is necessary. Although very serious, Don loves to laugh and at times likes to lighten the mood with his sarcastic—off beat sense of humor. His ultimate goal in life is to help others achieve their lifelong dreams. When he’s not working, he devotes his time to his two beautiful daughters that mean the world to him.  His philosophy: “Real is ones own reality” BALLGAME!


BIO—Tonya “The Author” Rush

If you think Author Tonya is timid, think again!!!! She is the silent thunder of the group.  Although sometimes quiet, she is no “Wallflower”….this beautiful young lady knows how to get her point across.  Tonya Rush is also born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri.  She embodies the true meaning of an independent self starter.  She is the Author of a fictional book entitled, “Grimey Enough” and is currently starting her own

Home Health Care business.  Tonya believes that the sky is the limit and will let nothing stop her from getting where she needs to go.  She believes you don’t have to say much to say a lot. This Phenomenal Woman understands that the brutal truth sometimes hurts but it’s always necessary and that “Self-Accountability” is not only a reflection of oneself but one’s GROWTH.


Please join the Kontrolled Khaos and SoLightSkin cast on www.iwatchradio.com Wednesdays 10p-11p CST.


They will be Hosting their Launch Party Friday, September 9, 2011 at The City Ultra Lounge on Washington Ave.  Doors open at 9. Free until 11p…Party won’t stop until 3am.






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