Marketing has been transforming at a rapid rate the past 5 years. It has changed more in the past 5 years than it had in the previous 50. With the onset of digital (with social media) and mobile, marketers have to constantly adjust and find where they have to go next with their strategy.  Marketers have been watching closely to how consumers are responding to brands and their messaging. There has been an immense analysis of what consumers are looking for from brands and where brands are lacking. From this analysis, marketers and CMOs have identified a few different areas that marketers must focus in for brands going forward. Here are 3 of the top marketing trends that will grow in 2016.

  1. Consumer-centricity: We will see more of a focus on the consumer from brands. If brands aren’t planning that, they should. Consumers are driving and defining brands now, instead of the other way around. As a marketer, I suggest brands starting focusing on the consumer and connecting their brands better to that group.
  2. Emotion: While we’re talking about consumers, emotion is going to play a MAJOR part in marketing to them. Consumers are emotional purchasers. We buy based on our emotions, so brands must learn how to invoke the necessary emotion to earn the sale.
  3. Omni Channel: Brands have shifted the majority of their budget into digital. That’s not a bad thing, but brands must also start looking at other areas where they have opportunities to meet their consumers and have a great return. It’s time to start focusing in on other avenues and creating a comprehensive strategy that flows through each with a consistent message.

These are 3 quick trends that are becoming major focus areas for marketing. All 3 are interrelated to each other and can have powerful results if executed properly. Over the next 5 years, the consumer will become the main focus for marketers as consumers are now expecting marketers to better understand them and relate to them. As a brand, identify gaps in your marketing related to the aforementioned areas of focus and begin adding them into your marketing strategy for 2016 or 2017.

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