In my own opinion when I want to see a movie it is because it has appealed to my very existence in some form or another. The title Pride and Prejudice took me back to me reading this very book, and zombies well what can I say; I am a fanatic. Put them together and I couldn’t wrap my mind around the concept, however I was open.

After seeing the movie I was lost, smiling and a little confused. The movie ended up being more of a sentimental romance movie. It appealed to the heroic aspect of being saved by a long lost love, with the villain being in the form of a jilted cousin banned from the family fortune. If you are looking for a horrific zombie movie that will give you fright, guts, glory and ghoul this isn’t the movie for you. However, if you are looking to laugh and smile and hope for love between the chosen love interest of this semi-well written script by all means purchase your ticket.

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