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Fashion is what you make it.  Rules are meant to be broken; stand aside from the crowd.   -Adagio Smith


The local St. Louis fashion powerhouse, Adagio Smith, first encounter with designing began early at the age of 15.┬á┬áStarting with┬áthe interior of his bedroom, that infatuation┬áthen amplified in Adagio’s┬álove of fashion.┬á┬áExperiencing with different fabrics and textures inspires the designer. “Once inside a fabric store, I can get lost and spend hours upon hours.”


ada7In 2014, Smith won an Emerging Designer Award which ultimately displayed pieces from his fashion line, Guilty Conscience, in Macy’s and a prize package worth over $6000. The brand Guilty Conscience has presented in 10 fashion shows around the city from 2012 to the present. With his new website in development, clothing from┬áthe current season’s fashion are available through email and more┬á Instagram @GUILTYCONSCIENCE The highlight of the line includes leather, zipper details, studs, and black and silver with red accentuated.

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