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Fashion is….a Sense of Self

-Ty Young


Whether it be on the court or off the court, WNBA’s powerhouse Tamera “Ty” Young knows how to make a difference. Balancing an intense schedule, including basketball, philanthropy, of course everyday life, Tamera makes it her responsibility to always be active in the community. Delux Magazine was granted the opportunity to interview Ty.


On her career and charity work…


Gabriel G.

  • So I’ve read up on some of your charity work, and you are quite proactive in the community. One in particular is the Ronald McDonald House; could you give more details on that?


Definitely. As a kid growing up there were several role models I looked up to and admired. My goal is to be a positive influence in every aspect. So along with loving kids already, I really want to take full advantage of doing my part in giving hope, love, and support. Honestly it’s the simple thing. A smile on the kid’s faces is more than enough for me.


  • Another would be ” Girls who rule the World”,  a mentoring foundation created by Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie.

 As a kid, there were things that I wanted that I knew we couldn’t always afford. Now that I’m in the place to give back, there wasn’t a second thought to it. The girls were doing great things and to show my appreciation I decided to donate over 30 pairs of shoes to the young women.  Being a big sneaker-head like I am, I thought they would really enjoy that.


  • Nice! Let’s talk basketball. So I see that you’re no longer playing for the Chicago Sky, and back to your original team the Atlanta Dreams. How does it feel to be home?


It feels great. I love Atlanta period and the entire city has shown me so much love. The team has been so welcoming too; It’s definitely surreal man. The transition itself has been smooth. Being drafted to the Atlanta Dreams back in 2008 was a blessing. I’m still thankful for the opportunity to this day. Playing in the WNBA has always been a childhood dream of mine.

On her Fashion and Clothing line…


  • I’m really feeling your fashion line, Ty1gear. First, can you describe your personal style and how that influenced the concept of your line?


Fashion has always been a love of mine. I would describe my personal style as ‘Tomboy Chic.”  I like very comfortable yet trendy clothing.  Again I’m a huge Sneaker-head.

I actually started out with a company that began my line, but it was only sports gear. Now I have my own and I’m transitioning to more lifestyle clothing and accessories for more variety and fashion. Everything created, I’ve had my hand in the production of it. That was very important to me when starting this collection. Right now, everything can be purchased online.


On her Love Life…


  • Can we switch it up a bit? Your love life– You’re dating the beautiful Mimi Faust of Vh1’s Love &  Hip Hop ATL. Describe her in 3 words.

Mimi. 3 words. Hmm… loving, very caring, and feisty. She’s very supportive and I support everything that she does.

  • Has your move back to Atlanta made dating easier for you two?

Yes, moving back has made it so much easier. When I was in Chicago she would always come visit me on her off days and I would fly to Atlanta on my off days too. Now we’re in the same city, of course we have a lot more opportunities to see each other.

  • In closing, can we expect a cameo appearance in the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop ATL?

Hmm…Maybe. We will have to just wait and see.



For more Ty Young, check out the Atlanta Dream. The Dream will face the Dallas Wings this Saturday night. The game can be watched on Fox Sports Southeast starting at 7 p.m. central time. Also follow Ty on her social media accounts. IG: @tyyoung11

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Below are the links to join Ty in being a positive role model our community.