When we were children we learned our primary colors. We had fun mixing our reds and yellows, our blues and yellows, etc.

Now that we are adults, how well do we mix with one another? Some of our personality types are red (speaks mind, strong willed, competitive, short-tempered, etc). Others are purple (gets things done on time, likes high standards, completes things, productive, etc). I am the infamous yellow. I am easy going, a peacemaker, understanding, and I typically give into others.

A couple of months ago, my husband and I participated in a marriage class through our church. We took a personality assessment by Dawn Billings. This is where I discovered my personality color-yellow. I wasn’t surprised but for some reason it bothered me. The greatest strength of yellow is that we are gentle and understanding. That’s great and all. The downfall of being yellow is that we avoid conflict, over-commit, become passive-aggressive, etc.

My husband is red. He doesn’t have a problem speaking his mind. He is a natural leader. He can easily separate being emotional vs being logical. My lowest score was red. Many people in the class were other colors, but not many were yellow. Why was I yellow? How could I change my color to not appear so soft and meek. Can I be that person that people say, ‘You don’t want to cross her. She is crazy.’ For some reason I started to want that reputation. I am really serious!


Yellows have a need for approval. I feel as though I’m pretty confident in who I am. Then, I thought about how I sometimes shy away from sharing (good or bad) because I don’t want people to have an opinion. If you disagree with me, it is going to make me second guess something. This test made me feel as though I was having a mid life crisis!

Recently, I started thinking about how can I be the best yellow I can be. I am who I am. I will never be red, green, purple, or any other personality type color. I can become better. I can start speaking up and change my view on conflict. Conflict is not always a bad thing. It is a part of everyday life. Yellow may not be so bad if I made a few modifications.

In a very popular song, Bruno Mars said, ‘……you’re amazing, just the way your are!’ People love you because there is no one else like you. Don’t try to become anything you are not. All of us can improve in a few areas in our lives. This improvement does not mean we have to change the core of who we are. Everybody will not like you nor understand you. That’s more than okay. What is for you is for you! Your doors that you will walk through, you will walk through. Live your life by being your number one cheerleader. Don’t allow others in your life to cheer louder than do for yourself. Slay your color!


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