Should you be afraid of anything? Is everybody scared of at least one thing? Is fear a choice?

I will admit that I am scared of quite a few things. The one fear that makes the top of the list is death. I know we all have to go. I should not be scared of death because I am a strong Christian. Christians should look forward to leaving this world and going to a place where there is no more suffering, pain, etc. I am just going to keep it real by saying that the idea of death scares me. I wish we could opt out of dying and just vanish. I guess we can’t really pick the way we want to die. I guess I just get freaked out about your body turning cold and decaying away. Death brings so much sadness. That sounds SO depressing!

I also fear cats, rats, mice as well. They are all sneaky to me! Some people will probably laugh at those. But, I think they are reasonable, right? Lately, I feel a lot of fear when all eyes are on me. Not sure if it is really defined as fear or anxiety. I don’t like the feeling though.



I am my worst critic, especially speaking in front of people. I don’t want to stumble over my words or make any grammatical mistakes in speaking. I put so much pressure on myself and it is absolutely ridiculous. This is TMI–but I sweat so much under my arms when everyone is staring at me. Not sure when all this started. I don’t remember being always like this. I am definitely trying to figure out the root of it.

I shared with you my fears, but what are some of yours? Do you try to conquer them? Or, do you accept them as being something you will fear for the rest of your life?

I want to challenge myself to tackle the fear of public speaking. I am going to sign up for Toastmasters International. It is an organization that has proven to help those in communication and leadership. Oh and did you know studies have shown that people fear public speaking more than death? Wow.

How do you plan to tackle your fears? First, you have to admit there is a fear there. ‘Fear is the brains way of saying that there is something important for you to overcome’ – Rachel Huber. Then ask yourself, what do you want to overcome? No matter what, you can conquer it. We are in this together!


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