We made it to 2018! Thank God. So many of us are starting the year off with writing goals down on paper, making more connections, having moments of reflection, praying and fasting. Some of us have acquired accountability partners to keep us on track with our vision for 2018. We are so determined to make this year better than last year.

Personally, I am looking forward to the new year.  The first few months of a new year I am recharged, renewed, and extremely focused! Then, around June or July I start to feel somewhat exhausted. Am I alone?

I have my goals set, but then sometimes they go on the back burner. Do you struggle with trying to maintain all the hats of being a great friend, family member, spouse, parent, employee, coworker, business owner , board member, community activist, etc.? You are determined to be present in everything you do and everyone that needs you.

meHave you ever asked, ‘What about me?’

That question is a selfish question. Most of us were taught to not think about yourself first but think about the needs of others. I think you should consider others before yourself. I also believe that when you are not really effective and you are running on empty, something has GOT to give.

How can you pour into others if you have nothing left? I started to feel as though I didn’t really want to be bothered. I felt irritated. Everyone can have moments where they just would like to be alone. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you notice that what used to excite you is not exciting you anymore, that is a sign that you need to sit down for a little bit.

Sometimes you need your own retreat where you are the only one around. Go get a nice massage. I recommend the Four Seasons Spa (I’m there for hours just relaxing after my 50 minute massage). Massages are not always in the budget, but you have to find where you can go and just take several long breaths. Maybe it is taking a bubble bath, going for a walk, running/walking a marathon, taking a trip, praying and meditating, reading a book, drawing a picture, writing in a journal, watching hours of your favorite show/movie, or sitting and not doing anything, etc.

I definitely want to get into the habit of doing something every week that is a form of self-care. I do not want to feel that tired feeling that lingers for weeks and months.




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