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” We want this to be all inclusive. Everyone can come. Everyone can come out, flex a bit and have a great time. We want the whole city behind this one.” – (The Chief Creative Officer of CFA)

So listen-

Last week I (Simone Yael) not only got to have lunch with one of the flyest, bossiest people in the city- I also got all the spill on what is slated to be the very FIRST event of its kind: the CFA Gala, St. Louis’ version of the popular Met Gala. And trust me yall– this is not a drill.

Ok listen, We have some FLY people here in the city- shoot, in the Midwest. That fact is simply not up for debate. However, as young creatives we also don’t have that many places and events for us to dress up and floss while celebrating themselves and one another..  But the CFA wants to change all of that October 7th. And trust me, you need to be a part of it. From performances to honorees and of course some FLY, amazing fashion- this will be a night not soon forgotten.

And actually, I’m so excited about it, they got me to host a LIVE Q&A session on my twitter (@SimoneActs) Wednesday, June 21st at 7pm central— SO make sure to tune in with ANY questions you have about the event. (I even heard if you sign up for their mailing list you get $15 off– but listen, you didn’t hear that from me.)

More about CFA

CFA ( Contemporary Fashion Group) is a team of creatives who have banded together to “bridge the gap between Contemporary and Urban creatives by cultivating, nurturing and celebrating those that use their creative abilities to push artistic boundaries.” – CFA

Our Inaugural “CFA Gala” will serve as a platform to not only showcase our unique interpretations on that nights selected theme, but also as an opportunity to reward those who chose to pursue higher education in the creative arts field. Inspired by the Met Gala, we strive to bring a fashion forward necessity into the Midwest. Our very first CFA Gala will take place October 7th, 2017 at the Contemporary Art Museum, & will be an annual anticipated event to attend.






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