saint louis


2017 DELUX POWER 100 GALA [V. Lang]

DELUX POWER 100 AN EVENING WITH ST.LOUIS’ INFLUENTIAL THE DELUX POWER 100 celebrates the city’s 100 most inspiring and influential l leaders and professionals of our generation. DELUX recognizes those who lead, inspire, innovate and demonstrate through their individual talents,…

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There’s Something About Yara

Gearing Up For Harvard University… [tps_title][/tps_title] [tps_footer][/tps_footer] Yara Shahidi’s journey from talented child-star to fashion muse has been undoubtedly seamless. Not to mention, being apart of Black-ish; a groundbreaking, critically acclaimed sitcom, surrounding an upper-middle class African-American family. Black-ish has…

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