DELUX EATS – I am scared to admit how many times I have been to Max & Erma’s. They have two locations– St Peters and Lake St Louis.  The staff at both locations know me too well. I usually shy away from chains, but I really do enjoy this restaurant.   

It is a casual, comfortable environment.  It is your typical, American restaurant.  They have burgers, French fries, chicken wings, salads, tacos, etc. The item that keeps me coming back though are the chocolate chip cookies.  Oh, my goodness! 

 delux eats

You will only have to wait about 20 minutes for them.  They come straight out of the oven. When I tell you, these cookies melt in your mouth; I always get three at a time.  Please don’t judge me.  That’s why I don’t have my summertime fine body right now.  I blame these cookies.

Now, they also have a seasonal sugar cookie that is also good.  I believe their chocolate chip cookies are better than the sugar cookies.  That’s just my preference though.  Their cookies are a good size too!  They are not bit size at all.  They are thick and round! Max & Erma’s is killing the chocolate chip cookie game. 

Even if my husband and I just have had something for dinner. Somehow, I end up making my way there for dessert a little too often.  I need divine intervention to stop eating these cookies.  I can never go and have one.  I always need to have three and it’s so sad.  Maybe you can be stronger than me. Be sure to check them out!


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