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As a rapper Jay-Z is trash to me. Wu Tang with the exception Method Man is also trash to me. Nas picks the worst beats I have ever heard in my life, and Kendrick Lamar is overrated. I’ve searched far and wide, and I have yet to find someone to give me a memorable Papoose line (yes there are people who think he has bars). I say all this while humming an old Lil Jon song thinking to myself, “how bad has music really gotten?”

I’m 33 years old and people from my generation will tell you how this generation of music is bad for our culture. From Big Boi (Outkast) to one of my closest friends, everyone is saying that this new generation of music is terrible and have dubbed the new style of music mumble rap. With this being said, I have dubbed them RAP SNOBS!


Rap Snob: A person who has an unhealthy attachment to their generation of music, who can’t or wont acknowledge the new culture and their music.


I was once told by someone far smarter than myself that “Music isn’t suppose to stay the same, because if the music stays the same the culture stays the same. So, if the culture doesn’t move forward the culture will die.” Rap snobs make the indictment that the new wave of music is lacking talent, lacking drive, and lacking creativity. Which is funny as hell to me, because I remember the generation before ours hated everything about the music that we still play today and made the exact same indictments.

To be completely honest, the whole world has been hating on the South anyway. That is until they need our help to stay relevant, but that’s another story for another day. The reality is artist like the Migos have defined the Millennial generation, and have become a mainstay in not only the southern music scene, but on a national level. Respect. Young Thug, while there are a slew of things in question about his masculinity or his weird love for dresses; the brother has been constantly making music even the grumpiest of rap snobs have listened to and enjoyed.

rap snobs

I mean can we really act like everyone from our generation had bars? D4L had bars? Not. Dem Franchise Boys had bars? Definitely Not. The Eastside Boys had bars? Bruh really? Do you want me to keep going? Nas’ wannabe Wu Tang group, Bravehearts had bars? Nelly’s group, the same group that gave you “Air Force Ones” and “Shake Ya Tail Feather”, did not have bars like that and I cannot be convinced otherwise.

And this is just a sample size of rappers from our generation, we try to sweep under the rug and turn our noses up at the new class like everyone who had an instrumental was giving once in a generation rhymes. We have to take a deep breath and realize that today’s music just isn’t made for our ears. The way they wear their clothes isn’t our style. But weren’t we the same people wearing 4x t-shirts and over starched jeans? Weren’t the women of our generation wearing jersey dresses and skorts? So chill Rap Snobs!

Let these lil dudes love the Playboi Cartis of the world. The Lil Uzi Verts of this generation. Yes, the Kodak Blacks are wack to you and that’s cool, but I can guarantee you no one from any generation before ours is trying to listen to Cuckoo Cal, “In My Projects” and that’s someone we can all in unison we can all laugh at and call wack together.

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