January is just about over but things are beginning to heat up for the music world. Over the last several years, January has become a time for new and emerging artist to make an impact. That being said, this week we have several artist kicking 2023 off in high gear including several St. Louis rising artists. Plus, we have new music from Jamla’s Reuben Vincent, and new singles from Big X the Plug, Ray Vaughn, and much more.

NandoStL – Year of The Ape

St. Louis rapper NandoStl has been working tirelessly to break through the national music scene. From his viral hit “Outside (2019)” to winning awards at the Slumfest Awards show in 2020 NandoStL has used his momentum to raise the stakes for his career.

NandoStL “Outside”

So when national recording artist T-Pain held an online contest for a spot on his Nappy Boy Records Nando jumped at the opportunity by submitting his music which led to him a deal with T-Pain.

Nando’s musical styles mixes rap and gospel in a sing song style that some could say sounds like another St. Louis rapper but that is where it differs. Nando’s style is grounded with grit and soulful emotions that stirs up the soul.

Nando’s Year of The Ape album was scheduled for a late release last year but has been pushed back to 2023. His new new single “Y.O.T.A.” features T-Pain and another Nappy Boy signee Young Cash. Be sure to keep your eyes out for Nando’s new album that should be dropping in 2023. For now you can listen to Nando’s latest single below

T-Dubb O – Soon It’ll All Be Over

For the last several years T Dubb O has been a staple on the St. Louis music scene. As the owner of his music label AMG, T Dubb O has creative control and freedom to do what he wants these days which is put out music. Unfortunately for Dubb and his AMG label they lost two artist unsuspecting to suicide that slowed some of the momentum. However, to not be discourage Dubb and his fledgling label has endured to release his latest album Soon It’ll All Be Over.

The latest project features several artist from his label plus a few other St. Louis artist. Dubb has not disappointed in releasing solid projects and Soon It’ll All Be Over is no different. The project has several tracks worth checking out such as “Butterfly,” featuring Valencia Rush, “The Getbacc,””The Dragon,” and “Tough Times Don’t Last”.

Reuben Vincent – Love is War

Reuben Vincent’s debut album Love is War

Though Reuben Vincent has dropped several projects in the past Love is War is his official album debut. Having signed to 9th Wonder’s label at the age of 17, Vincent sounds like a vet poised for a takeover thanks to 9th and the Soul Council who have produced Love is War project. In an age where a lot of rappers have diferred for a vibe, Vincent is student of the game and provides exceptional lyricism accompanied by polished production.

Love is War features guest appearances from label mate Rapsody, along with appearances from TDE’s Reason, Stacy Barthe, Sonny Miles. Notable songs you should check out on the album include “Geechie Suede,” “Just Like A Dream,” “Bottle Service,” “February 13th and “Look What You Did”.

Ray Vaughn – Sandcastles

TDE has been busy over the last year despite Kendrick Lamar departure from the label. Ray Vaughn is one of the reasons the label has been consistently dropping songs over the last year and “Sandcastles” is the latest. If you like this then you should check out my TDE playlist from last year that features a slew of songs from Top Dawg.

Jordan Ward – White Crocs

Jordan Ward is a new artist on the rise from St. Louis that release a new single “White Crocs” featuring Ryan Trey. Ward who has sought residence in Atlanta, and most recently Los Angeles to further his musical talents has had some small success when he opened for Smino at his Kribmas event. Days after his performance Ward announced via social media that he would be touring with Smino and Jid on their Luv is 4ever tour.

Rahli – Show My Ice

St. Louis rapper has been churning out singles for the last several months, “Show My Ice” is the latest for Rahli who reps Ferguson, Missouri.

Enforcer Friday

Make sure you listen to the playlist for the rest of the new entries featured this week. Until next time you all have a safe and wonderful weekend.

Elvin Chambers