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Aida Ade is an artist to watch in 2024. Her boisterous voice first caught my attention in 2017 when I heard her on Aye Verb’s “Beautiful Creatures.” Most recently I sat down with Aida Ade to discussed her journey over the last several years.

Me: So Aida tell me about your journey over the last several years?

Aida Ade: So in 2017 when I released my first EP Blue I lost someone pretty close to me. I lost my aunt who was one of my first supporters. When I was a little girl my mom would some time tell me to be quiet and my aunt would say to my mom, “Let her sing.” When my aunt passed things got really difficult for me and so I let music go for awhile and started focusing on school.

Me: Ok, my condolences to you.

Aida Ade: Thank you

Me: So what inspired you to continue on in music?

Aida Ade: When my aunt passed things got really difficult for me. I lived in a four family flat with my aunts and let music go for awhile and started focusing on school. Over time, I started getting back interested into music and I felt like this was an opportunity for me to do what I wanted to do.

I had been going a safe route with school. I began thinking that it was time for me to do what I wanted to do. I was working as a counselor and music became of interest again, so I was ready to get back to music.

Me: I see, has your aspirations for music changed?

Aida Ade: I would love to be a full time musician, I would love for music to be my career. I would love to be around people doing nothing but creating music. I don’t have to be a superstar level but I would love to do music all the time.

Me: Great, a lot of people have had success in music despite reaching those heights. I heard you were apart of Mvstercamp, could you tell me about that?

Aida Ade: Mvstercamp, it was kind of my first step of realizing it was time for me to do what I wanted to do, my 30th birthday has been approaching, when Mvstermind hit me up about joining his camp. He told me to apply to his camp, and “let’s get to working, your voice needs to get heard.”

Me: Cool.

Aida Ade: I was just talking to my mom about finding the right community for my music. If I could just find the right community to pick myself up and Mvstermind hit me up about joining the camp and it has open doors for me.

Me: Alright! Could you tell me about your new EP The Unbreakable Aida Ade?

Aida Ade: The project was titled after the first track “Unbreakable,” I was kind of in a spot of being reflective. I had been through all these things, I had lost my aunt,, I had been in car accident, I had to relearn how to walk again. I had all these things happening to me and here I am, that’s where the title for the song and EP came from.

Me: Wow, well it is great to know you are in a better place. To people wanting to listen to your new EP how would you describe it?

Aida Ade: Honestly, I would describe it as mood music. Not like moody but all of these things come to me based on whatever mood I am in, it is very much expressive of me.

Me: Okay, It sounds like you are crafting and defining your sound. Before we conclude the interview could you tell me your favorite artist? What artist would you love to work with if you had the opportunity?

Aida Ade: I would want to work with Chronixx! He is a Jamaican producer and singer and I am big fan.

Me: Well, thanks for your time Aida, it has been a pleasure talking with you.

Aida Ade Dark Room Performance

Catch Aida Ade live tonight performing at the Dark Room. She will hit the stage tonight at 8pm to perform songs from her most recent project and more. Don’t forget to check out her latest EP The Unbreakable Aida Ade available on all digital streaming platforms.

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