It was another amazing year for the music scene in St. Louis in 2022. As the year has wrapped we have again compiled a list of our favorite music videos released by artists and video filmmakers in the St. Louis region and want you to take a look!

Let us know which video is your favorite and why!

This isn’t a top music videos list, just a favorite list of artists and videomakers that we feel made a statement with the finished video. We’ll gladly check out any videos and would love to hear your favorites from 2022! Connect with us! Contact Us! Let’s celebrate the best of our culture and the creative talents of those here at home!

The Year of the Visualizer

Before getting started I would love to give a shout-out to some artists from the St. Louis region that did not release a full or official music video but teased us with creative Visualizers.

  • Smino 90 Proof Visualizer – Smino looks like he’s starring in a movie! Billy Smi Williams in front of the camera! Just another feat for one of this generation’s greatest talents.
  • DJ K Mean Ice Hockey Ft Luca and Don Trip – DJ K. Mean is a DELUX Contributor who happens to do so many amazing things. The Mean Girlz Media founder is always on the scene and in the know of the culture.
  • SZA I Hate U – LaKeith Stanfield is like our spirit animal. What we hate about this video is that SZA isn’t in it but we still get to see one of the best actors of our time, so there’s something.

Our Favorite STL Videos of 2022

90 Proof Smino Ft J Cole

Break out the popcorn! Phillip Youmans created a wonderful thriller movie experience w/ 90 Proof and several visualizers in 2022. 90 Proof has an unfolding storyline that drips romance, a love triangle, and an unreleased snippet from Smino. The vibe is pure fun, the women are gorgeous, and Smino and Cole connecting is just dope. We can watch and have watched it over and over again.

Warning Signs – Valencia Rush Damn Valencia

Stop the presses! We had to show love to Valencia’s Warning Signs. The film is a beauty and of course, so is Valenica Rush. Shot and edited by GBRU Filmz and directed by a cadre of persons including Valencia herself you will see a beautiful video unfolding. Last year’s Amen was also a video we couldn’t help but to list as a favorite video. Valencia is an artist and a wild beautiful soul. We are anticipating what she will do in 2023!

Blue Suede Shoes – Shun Gawd Shot by @TheFilmLord

Drew Brown aka @TheFilmLord is a St. Louis native, who in 2022, was on a tear around the country, shooting everything from music videos to commercials and movies. Dubbed “The Lord of Film” in the St. Louis American, he is an incredible cinematographer. Blue Suede Shoes is directed by Kadrien Yelsom and uses, Brown’s incredible camera work and the picturesque backdrop of Houston’s, Cabrini Center to deliver a rich yet subtle video that you will enjoy watching.

Bandz JayBabyTheGreaty ft Miistro Freeyo

Bandz is an OpnSzn Film directed by Jerrell Lamar and Jaybaby himself. The concept plays on the theme of an egocentric frontman who changes the name of the group and refuses to
perform unless it’s under his terms. Also featuring the Uber-talented Miistro Freeyo it’s a fun watch and a dope song. In 2022 Jaybaby dropped a plethora of music that you should give an ear too if you aren’t already plugged in, but do it after you give the “Bandz” video a play.

Let’s Go Remix – MBz Live ft Kid Goalss

It is great to see MBZ Live doing what he does best, killing this music! I was first introduced to MBZ Live during the height of SLUMFest and witnessed his live show. He has returned with a remix and with the crazy talented duo J’Den and Khlo of Kid Goalss. Shot by BoominVisuals you get everything you love from both MBZ Live and Kid Goalss. Turn up Let’s Go Remix and do what the song says! Let’s Go!

Mr. Nice Guy – MC Tres

We checked out MC Tres Mr. Nice Guy at the start of 2022. With its easy-to-follow and funny storyline, we found it to be a great video directed by Miss-N- Scene Productions. Creative, fun, and with high replay value made it a no-brainer to add to the list.

SLATTT – La4ss

The hood’s hottest youngin came into 2022 with more than a few projects and videos. Throughout all of the videos 4ss released it was SLATT that drew our attention as the most compelling. The pinhole camera conveys a sense that the whole world is watching La4ss. Jake and
Gune’s camera work and production are true to who we know La4ss to be and who he represents. Honorable mention to LA4ss and Junior’s Voices.

Don’t Stop – Big Weezy

Director Fonzy is one of our favorite video directors who also made the list last year. This time DF is shooting for Big Weezy for his Don’t Stop video. Don’t Stop is a very catchy song and the bouncy track produced by Ray Ray and AR it is one of my favorite songs by an STL artist for the
entire year. DF put his stamp on the song and the collective collaboration of the three really made for something special.

SPIN – Jizzle Buckz

SPIN is ultra-high energy and you feel that watching the video. This video along with others of the list is the reason why we do a year-end wrap of our favorite videos. After the effective collaboration between artist and producer, they work with a JuanShotMe who shoots and edits a
masterpiece that brings it all together for visual consumption.

Real Life TEF POE ft Frankco

Real Life directed by The Film Legends is another video selected not only for the song’s appeal but for who the artist is that produced the content. Real Life stands as the first video released by Tef Poe under his Crow Life label and to see him turnt up, turns us up! Tef Poe’s commitment to
community and to hip-hop culture is flat-out Real Life. This video is sure to be a milestone in a successful run and rise of the Crows.

IDC – Jordan Ward ft Joony

Shot on location in Brooklyn, NY the artist Jordan Ward, who hails from South City, and is now between STL and LA, cruises NY smoking on doobs, and running into ex-girlfriends with his homie. That’s the
concept of the video; clear, concise, and cinematic. Directed by Brent Campanelli and edited by Cobi Byrne, IDC, feels like a movie. I want more of Jordan and Joony and you will too when you watch IDC.

Main Line – Indiana Rome

St. Louis really spread itself out this year making itself felt with music and visuals. Main Line was not just selected for the curves on model Quita Jones or the beautiful skyline of Atlanta, but for how Rome ties all that together and delivers. Indiana Rome is consistently an impressive artist in the St. Louis hip-hop scene and possesses endless swag and talent. Director Ryan Givins ties Main Line together in a nice tight bow.

S.M.M.O. – Sonny Grands

Sonny Grands Kingpin vibe in this Quick Brain video production is too nice. For us, classic Hip Hop begins with an emcee putting all other emcees on notice that they are superior. This is why I gravitate to Ross, Hov, Jeezy, and others talk that talk and show us what it looks like! It has been Union-Ties with Sonny Grands all 2022 and wish him and his crew nothing but the best! Salud!

I Should Be – Stringz EMB

Stringz EMB is one of our new finds here at DELUX Music. He makes light work of any stage performance and gives his full talent to every aspect of the performance. I Should Be is a continuation of who the artist Stringz EMB is, infectiously joyful, happy, and fulfilling.

So tell us your favorite videos!