Top Shot provides collectors with an outlet to buy, sell, and collect NBA NFTs that showcase influential “Moments” from NBA games. Moments are like cardboard trading cards, but in a digital version, which showcases short clips of specific plays. Over the weekend NBA greats, retired NBA player Larry Hughes and Portland Trailblazer Guard Ben McLemore were invited to Top Shot’s meetup which is designed to bring collectors from the Saint Louis area to celebrate our NBA fandom. The event was a success bringing together collectors from as far as Chicago and Cincinnati.

“Because of Covid, this was one of the very few opportunities in the entire country to bring collectors together. Many of us know each other on Twitter and discord, but this was our first time meeting face to face.”

“Having Saint Louis’ own NBA players Ben McLemore and Larry Hughes was a surprise, setup by NBA Top Shot’s team. This is another example of the IRL utility from being a collector. Being able to receive experiences that money cannot buy.”

Top Shot Collector Member

” This was a great experience being back home with fans signing autographs and reconnecting with my big brother Larry Hughes was great! I appreciate being a part of the meetup!”

Ben McLemore, Portland Trailblazer

Most of us are different but share the same love for collecting NBA Top Shot moments.” 

Top Shot Collector Member

“NBA TopShot has taken my love for the NBA to a new level. This event is a blueprint for others around the country to see how there is utility in the community. I have met so many new people and been able to experience so many cool things because of being a collector of NBA Top Shot moments. Meeting two St. Louis basketball legends in Ben McLemore and Larry Hughes is priceless and I’ll never forget it.”

Packrip Mahoment, Member
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