Wednesday night in St. Louis, many people were able to check something off their bucket lists, as the Queen of RnB/HipHop/Soul, Mary J. Blige lit up the Enterprise Center singing an anthology of hits over her iconic career. Visually stunning and emotionally moving, Mary connected with fans gathered for the occasion, serving classic and modern hip-hop dance routines, amazing set designs, pyrotechnics, and most importantly…the hits!

New Hits and the Classics

Opening with her most recent hit, “Amazing” off the current Good Morning Gorgeous Album, the night would be a tapestry of performances and song mixing years of classics with new bangers! High energy and ready to thrill in a hot black and orange leather ensemble with matching high heel boots. MJB looked hotter than the flames emerging from the stage. By the time she hit “The Mary Dance”, the tone was set, Mary came to put on a show – show, and the Queen showed out!

The mixture of new music and classic songs kept the crowd in anticipation and wanting more. Anyone who has that one Mary album(s) that they enjoy more than any other walked away extremely satisfied. Hearing Mary sing classics from the My Life and Share My World albums should never be missed if you can help it.

There are so many great moments from the Good Morning Gorgeous tour to highlight. I loved the theme of cultivating a healthy self-love. Mary has been through a lot and we have gone through it with her. “Good Morning Gorgeous” is a positive affirmation, and the concert was a celebration of growth on display. I loved the visuals, stage design, and production. It all worked beautifully to showcase the undeniable connection between Mary and her fans.

St. Louis Going up on a Wednesday

The entire night was just amazing and not just due to its headliner. St. Louis showed up to have a great time and the energy was kept up by St. Louis’s own DJ Charlie Chan Soprano. Moments of refitting the stage for each act flew by as we Swagged Surfed, Nina Popped, and danced the night away. With an overall run time of about 3 hours the show went off without any hitches and each act gave St. Louis what they came to see. Performances from both Ella Mai and Queen Naija set the tone up wonderfully for Mary.J. Blige. 

Ella Mai’s set was very “groovy baby”, her pink stage outfit and matching boots glided across the stage accompanied by a duo of background singers. Ella Mai noted Oct.12 marked a special 4-year anniversary of her debut hit single, Boo’d Up. 

Queen Naija also had a great set and was the concert’s opening act. Performing her most loved hit Medicine and other fan favorites. Time on this tour is sure to benefit Queen Naija’s continued development as an artist. She looked great and sang beautifully, truthfully they all did.  it was a great night for real music, real singers, and St. Louis. 

Catch the Tour in a City Near You!

St. Louis marked the 14th stop of the Good Morning Gorgeous Tour which kicked off in Greensboro, North Carolina in September. Presented by Hologic in partnership with the Black Promoters Collective, the tour is slated to do 23 cities across the United States before stopping in Atlantic City, NJ on October 29th. The next stop of the tour is Oct 15 in New Orleans. You can get your tickets from here:

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  • Photos Sourced: Femme Flicks
DeWarren Smith