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ARTC will be hosting its anniversary of their monthly art event titled, “First Friday”. This incredible art event starts at 7pm and features the work of top local artists. This anniversary marks its first year of existence and the first step towards building a community of successful artist.

Each month, First Friday has had talented artist come and hang up their art-work in several businesses on 14th street. Starting at Urb Arts (2600 N 14th St, St. Louis, MO 63106), ending at Parks (2718 N 14th Street) and featuring 11 different businesses in between, each door opening your eyes to different artist selling their work here locally.

“Since day one, ARTC’s mission has been to provide a platform for local artist,” says Vincent of ARTC. “We are here for local artist to advance their craft and successfully promote their artistry all while teaching them how to be successful in the art industry. The goal for the next year is to grow our platform and expand it to help even more artist showcase their work.”

This 1-year anniversary will be free to the public until 9pm. After 9 pm, it will cost $10 to get in and watch the entertainment. This event will feature a few groups performing sets who have been rocking with ARTC since they began their monthly series. They will be performing their sets at Parks and UrbArts after 9pm. The different performing crew’s will be: Lyrical Therapy, who slays the poetry game; Indigo Tribe, who brings a sense of peace and love wherever they go; Black Spade; The “Brodie” crew; Deez Vision; and Lester Burnem. Each of these different crew’s will be bringing a new excitement to your above average art show.

Make sure you’re within this block of artistic celebration on September 2nd. ARTC is in the works of premiering something grand and thats right here in St. Louis, MO , so make sure your here to support.

About ARTC: We are creating an Avenue for artists to express their creativity. No boundaries are present within art.

Contact ARTC for more information: