Dear “Some” White People,

Since we first heard the words, “Make America Great Again,” it has been a thorn in our sides. The slogan loaded with racial discriminatory undertones has done nothing but wreak havoc since the dumbass you voted to be your president uttered them. Bringing America’s long struggle with racism to the surface has been the only successful accomplishment of your votes and this administration. Tragic events including the rise in police brutality towards Blacks, xenophobia towards Muslims, homophobia towards the LGTBQ community, and the destruction & separation of the immigrant community seems to be the beginning to this excruciating four-year term. But what’s to come next is a crippling blow to this country, and for that I want to say thank you.

As you bask in your arrogance and cheer for Trump’s harassment to minority citizens of this country from the sidelines, I’m sure I’m the last person you want to hear from (even though you could care less). But, I’d like to thank you for the role you played in the biggest political upset in living history. I know that somewhere in those dense, cultural appropriation heads of yours—you feel you did something good, but you didn’t. Still, I would like to thank you for this gratifying feeling I now feel knowing that you too will suffer the same way those you sought out to do harm to.

It only makes writing this so much more satisfying, because as a frequent critic of yours for everything from you stealing our music, inventions, body shapes, hairstyles, to your calling the police, I would like to make sure you are clear about one thing.

Minorities barely benefit from Affirmative Action.

White women benefit the most from Affirmative Action.

And although, it will have a major impact for minorities even though we still are discriminated against in almost every area we should be excelling in, the fact remains:

White women will ultimately feel the rippling aftershocks of Trump dismantling it.

In no way does this take away from you either, white men. In fact, you are just as much to blame. Due to your high exposure to white privilege, your unparallel amounts of caucasity have somehow led you to persuade your counterparts that minorities benefit the most from affirmative action, when you know deep down, that’s bullshit.

I’m sure you already know, in 1961, President John F. Kennedy introduced Affirmative action which prevented any entities that received federal funding to discriminate against any applicants and people who are employed be treated fairly, without regard to their race, creed, color, or national origin. In 1967, Lyndon Johnson added gender (sex) to the list.

I’m almost positive you are aware of your decades of reluctance to stand up for affirmative action has come on behalf of the political manipulation aka Caucasian persuasion that people who look like you have blinded the country with, by making it appear you are the aggrieved victims of this policy. You have race-based this policy you’ve hated since it’s origin and will fight to the death to end it. The racist thorn in your eye has blinded you to the fact that you are the primary beneficiaries to this long-standing precedent, so thank you.

Thank you for not realizing that affirmative action is not ending because minorities are complaining about their lack of benefiting from it, it’s ending because of you. You started this. Well, not all of you in per se, but a few of yours cracked the flood gates open and now this is where we are. From the moment, the Supreme Court gave an ear to several of you, including Abigail Fisher (Fisher vs. Texas pdf), it was only a matter of time before permanently voiding the act rose back to the service.

I want to thank you for Abigail’s unprecedented levels of white privilege. Thank you for the fact she felt her white complexion should have been enough to supersede a black student at the University of Texas. Thank you for Abigail’s stupidity and her pointing out the fact that some white people are so privilege in this country, she felt her 89th percentile SAT ranking entitled ass should have been accepted over the black student’s 52nd percentile ranking of the SAT, even though for centuries your kind deemed it illegal to even teach black children how to read.

I want to also thank you for Barbara Grutter (Grutter v. Bollinger), Jennifer Gratz (Gratz v. Bollinger) and I can’t forget Cheryl Hopwood (Hopwood v. Texas) because without them and their lawsuits, we would have no need to even be discussing the destruction of a policy that a protected class has profited the most from. Their years of playing the victim and the need to use their white privilege has brought focus back to a policy that allowed educational institutions that were giving minorities an opportunity—who for their entire lives had been held back because of your racism.

Because your white privilege is still stuck in 1950, you feel minorities have no place in your elite educational institutions regardless to if they are outperforming you via grades and test scores. You feel that minorities should not have jobs, equal pay or hold positions of title even if they are highly skilled and more educated. Since your race of people still have this delusional need for superiority, you are willing to screw your own people if you feel minorities will suffer too.


I certainly understand why some wypipo are upset about affirmative action. Mainly it’s because you find it difficult to accept the fact minorities are not as inferior as you have been conditioned to believe, and that even with minorities acquiring years of education and experience—you don’t feel they should benefit from it—because they are a minority.

But with your help in the unleashing of Satan’s spawn, you certainly proved, once and for all, your white supremacy is the root of all evil, it has no limits and now it has real-life consequences. From now on, when your sisters, wives, and friends can’t get an abortion (oh it’s coming), a promotion, equal pay, and are discriminated against because they are women, I will sit back and say to you:

This is your fuck up

Quit your whining

You voted for this damn idiot

So deal with this shit


Me and “the blacks” as Trump likes to call us


Racism For Dummies: White Civil Rights

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