Wiz Khalifa went on uStream last night to give his fans the answers to thier question about  his Atlantic Records debut  album title and release date. He said that the album  is titled Rolling Papers and will be dropping March 29th. Tracklist after the below
1.) When I’m Gone (Produced By E. Dan And Big Jerm)
2.) On My Level ft Too $hort (Produced By Jim Jonsin)
3.) Black And Yellow (Produced By Stargate)
4.) Roll Up (Produced By Stargate)
5.) Hopes And Dreams (Produced By Brandon Carrier)
6.) Wake Up (Produced By Stargate)
7.) The Race (Produced By E. Dan And Big Jerm)
8.) Star Of The Show ft Chevy Woods (Produced By E. Dan And Big Jerm)
9.) No Sleep (Produced By Benny Blanco)
10.) Get Your Shit (Produced By E. Dan)
11.) Top Floor (Produced By Pop Wansel)
12.) Fly Solo (Produced By E. Dan)
13.) Rooftops ft Curren$y (Produced By E. Dan And Big Jerm)
14.) Cameras (Produced By E. Dan)

Read the review by Seven L Maxwell after the jump… ya dig

“Yeah. Uh huh.  You know what it is!” As one of the freshest artist to hit the scene, Wiz Khalifa is poised to claim his place as a rebel of rap whose sound will not be silenced. In his debut album under the Atlantic imprint, Khalifa has summed up the success of his career while showing his fans that he can sell his style to both the underground audience he’s captured for years, and the mainstream mob that’s soon to follow.

Rolling Papers is a collection of banging beats, laced with lyrics of champagne, women, money, and marijuana.  With collaborations with rappers Curren$y, Chevy Woods, and Too Short, Khalifa found a perfect fusion of new and old elements to produce the perfect product.

Tracks such as “Rooftops”, where he boasts, “Used to not be allowed in the building, but now we’re on the rooftop.” “No Sleep”, “Hopes and Dreams”, “Star of the Show” and “On my Level” offer unique vibes by way of production; yet they share a common message: Khalifa’s efforts have paid off.

With lyrics boasting of his self-made millions—Khalifa takes pride in the road he took to arrive at what people consider success.  In a recent interview, Khalifa stated, “I had to just find my own little area in-between and really make that up and not really go to what people’s expectations for that might be.” He continued, “Lyrically, I feel like I came through on the album, and beat-wise, and hook-wise, and just creatively—I feel like I’ve tried to just do the biggest and best things possible.  With this album you’ll definitely hear some differences in the sound but it’s just a collaboration of everything I’ve built to this point”.

Overall Rolling Papers is a cross-cultural compilation of creativity, created to celebrate the success of the young star.  With a high replay value and fresh flows for every fan to follow; Khalifa’s debut album , Rolling Papers is an instant classic, dope enough to send you on a online hunt for his past projects—just so you can study his evolution into the tatted “Taylor” he is today.


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