Many of you own one, maybe more than one, but just a few own a double breaster, most of you own a black one, just a few own a green or red one. A blazer. Its a garment with a long history. There are college blazers, which were invented as a school uniform, others were suppose to be worn by sailors, blue ones with gold buttons. Others are now frequently used in business casual and business informal wear. The separate the boys from the men. Because of its long history its hard to spice it all up, with a handkerchief, a flower, a brooch, colored buttons, elbow patches. The opportunities are limited. The more inspiring are the guys we show you here. They play with colours, patterns, accessories and shapes, aren’t afraid to try something new, break restrictions and express their understanding of fashion. What do we think? Well, colours are pretty important, a slim fit is definitely a must, shoulder pads are unnecssary and a double breasted blazer back.


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