You may know her as Tasha from BET’s
Let’s Stay Together or maybe you
remember her in the 2010 comedy
Get Him to the Greek as P. Diddy’s
baby mama, the film Beauty Shop,
or even Phat Girlz. One thing’s for sure, Joyful
Drake loves what she does and she’s here to stay!

“Acting is something I always wanted to do. I had
a passion and fire inside of me and it never went
away. I was always the kid who tried new things
like modeling or playing the piano. But I’d get
bored really fast. Acting on the other hand was one
thing I never grew tired of.” Friends and family
would say she truly carries out the meaning of her
name. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary,
to be joyful is to show an emotion evoked by
wellbeing, success, or good fortune or the prospect
of possessing what one desires. “I have one of the
loudest laughs you’ll ever hear! My mom recently

told me I was a diamond. You can see through
diamonds. They have this clarity and what you see
is what you get. I’m very black and white; there is
no grey. So, for me it’s written all over my face.”

Something you may not know about Joyful is
that she’s a Midwest girl. “I’m from Milwaukee,
Wisconsin and I have a lot of family in St. Louis.
I know the area very well. I’m a girl from the
Midwest and I really appreciate Midwest people
when I see them. I now live on the west coast
and work in the south but I love Midwest people
and appreciate them. I stand by that. There’s
something special about us. After living in New
York, Los Angeles, and the south, there’s something
to be said about the value system of the Midwest
that’s so great. I miss it a lot. They’re genuine and
they support you to the end. And a girl like me
really appreciates it!”


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