FERGUSON, MOThe other day I saw a quote on the Internet that said, “I’m on a seafood diet. I see food and I eat it.”  This quote made me laugh because it described me!

There was so much food to choose from at the Taste of Ferguson this past Sunday, September 10th. The event took place at the Savoy Banquet Center in Ferguson. There was pizza, bar-b-que, chicken, dessert, etc. You paid the entrance fee and get could as much as your heart desired.

I arrived at the Taste after 5:00 p.m. Instead of paying $25 to get in, I only paid $15! I felt like a true winner. At the end of the event I know I probably ate maybe $40 or $50 worth. Please don’t judge me. You have to laugh at yourself sometimes.

When I walked in I felt like a kid in a candy store. I did not know where I should start. My parents always told me to not eat dessert first, but I did the opposite. Please don’t tell them. I looked over and I saw cupcakes, and they were too cute to pass up. Cupcakes are innocent if they are small, right? I had a couple of the salted caramel mini cupcakes. The caramel on top of the cupcake was slightly melted because of the sun. Do you think I cared about it being a little melted? Not at all! Sweet Divine definitely nailed this cupcake! I must try more flavors from them.

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Photo Courtesy of Taste in Ferguson

Right next to Sweet Divine was Cupcake Fetish STL. They had peach cobbler cupcake samples. Yes, you read that right! And I am a huge fan of peach cobbler. I knew I just had two cupcakes from Sweet Divine but I had to try these! They were mini cupcakes which are not bad for you if you are not counting calories. Who counts calories attending a Taste event though? Certainly, I don’t.

I tried some custard from Whistle Stop. I am not sure what I had because it was delicious and I ate it so fast that I was embarrassed to ask them. I believe it was a vanilla custard with a small brownie. Delicious. I will have to try other custards. They won best dessert in Ferguson!

I didn’t want my stomach to be too upset with me, so I decided to get some “real” food. I thought to myself, I need a little protein. I smelled BBQ as I continued to walk. Low and behold, there was Red’s BBQ. They handed me a big hotdog (with some white bread) and a full size chicken wing that was slapped with sauce! I was like wow. It smelled so good. You ever just want to eat something like that at home in your own privacy? My friends could tell you that I get down with chicken. I still had on my church clothes and I did not want to get bar-b-que all over myself. Hope you understand. When I got home I shared with my husband, which is unusual (maybe I was nice since I still felt good after attending church earlier that day). We both thoroughly enjoyed.

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Right next to Red’s was Ropers Ribs. So many people talk about Ropers. I heard it was so good, though I am a bar-be-que snob. Personally, I feel Kansas City has the best bar-b-que. I was born and raised in KC, so we can be a little uppity when it comes to bar-b-que. I tried a small piece of the ribs, since I wanted to save the rest for later. Oddly enough, I was very surprised in how good those ribs were. Now I see why people brag on them. They were very tender and had the perfect amount of sauce on them. The sauce was good too. That’s another bar-b-que winner for me

Overall, I had a great time at the Taste of Ferguson. Everybody was smiling and happy. There was great live entertainment too. Brian Owens from Ferguson was there and people were dancing and simply enjoying themselves!

I am looking forward to the Taste of Ferguson in 2018! I will have to change clothes next year before the event so I can get all the way down on my food!

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