Fathers don’t get as much credit as Mothers. Women are the nurtures and teachers to children. Men are known as the protectors but they are much more than that. Fathers teach sons about respect and being a man; they teach their daughters to never settle and to respect them themselves.

Radio personality and event host T-Marley says what he values most about being a father is spending quality time with his kids because that’s priceless. His father passed away when he was very young but he says he always heard positive things about him being a great father. With losing his father at a young age, T-Marley uses family traditions with his children, that he did when he was a kid such as celebrating birthdays together, as well as holidays, no matter what.

Raising children in today’s society can be a challenge especially with all the violent and crime going even towards children, but T-Marley says that he tries his best to teach him children from right and wrong. He teaches his daughter and son to be themselves, not follow others and to avoid trouble.

While being a busy man with hosting events and being an on-air personality, T-Marley makes time for his children. He wants to instill in them the important of following their dreams, treating others how you want to be treated and to be themselves. As part of one of his tradition, T-Marley plans on spending Father’s Day with his daughter and son.

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