Ms. Wellness is a health and wellness expert. She’s a personal trainer but got into the wellness side of things when her mother’s health was declining. She took matters into her own hands and decided to research ways to make her mother feel better because the medicine she was taking wasn’t working. She then found out about Dr. Sebi’s Burdock Tea that helped nurse her mother back to help. Check out her interview below with us.

DELUX: How did you get into the wellness and tea profession?

Ms. Wellness: Well the tea has always been out there. It’s really about looking into holistic doctors and I found a path that would help my mother. So, my mom was diagnosed with diabetes around 2016/ beginning of 2017 and I’ve always been health conscious and I’ve always worked out. I help assist college basketball players and I’ve always been into the fitness and wellness lifestyle. After my mom was diagnosed with diabetes, it changed my outlook on life because she was suffering bad from nausea, dizziness and everything else that comes with the it. The medication she was taking was making her nauseous and not feeling like herself. So, one day one of my friends told me Dr. Sebi, the holistic doctor and his tea called Burdock Root Tea and the tea has different benefits and one of them was helping people with diabetes. I spoke with my mom and told her to trust me because we’re used to, as a society, getting medications from doctors that’s supposed to help you but, in my case, it wasn’t helping my mom, she was getting worse. There was a day when she had temporary loss her vision for an hour but her vision returned 100% later that day but she was scared. That incident triggered me to help research different herbs to heal diabetes and once I found the right one, I started treating her with the Burdock Tea around February 2017. I started changing her diet to more plant and vegan, as well as mine, so we took a journey together. A year later we went to her doctor and he told us that she was pre-diabetic. We’re blessed!

DELUX: Does your mom still have to take medications or is she free from taking them and only has to drink the tea?

Ms. Wellness: Thankfully all she takes is the Burdock Tea!

DELUX: That’s great!! So, you ordered the tea that Dr. Sebi specifically created and that he proven to help cure diabetes, along with other diseases?

Ms. Wellness: Correct! The Burdock tea is a root and I would purchase it. Once I got it, I would have to clean it, chop it up and put it in the oven. After that I would put it in hot water and once it cooled down some, I would give it to my mom or a client who wants it. Sometimes people don’t want to go through that process, so I would sell it to my clients in a bottle form so all they have to do is drink it. I love it because you can drink it warm or cold, but it depends on your palette.

DELUX: What all services do you provide in your business, since you figured that more people need to know about this tea?

Ms. Wellness: My business is all about tea and I sell three kinds. My hashtag I use for it is #HolisticIsRealistic. Wellness is a 360 lifestyle. When I meet with people who buy my tea, I usually have a wellness consultation. I tell them that I am not a medical practitioner, so anything serious that they are battling, they should go to their doctor. The reason I call myself Ms. Wellness is because everything is a 360. Your mind, body and soul must be aligned in order for you to get healthy. Those things can be as simple as being spiritually aligned but knowing you have to work out and eat right. So, my first consultation is free because I want to see where the clients are mentally and bring awareness to them. Other than the Burdock tea, I sell elderberry tea, which helps get rid of the cold or flu. So, it depends on what the person needs, and I take it from there on which tea I can sell them.

DELUX: How long have you been doing this and what has your clientele been like since starting your business?

Ms. Wellness: It’s been over a year now and an up and down roller coaster. Its hard pushing the awareness, especially within the black community, which is where my primary focus is. Of course, I would love to sell tea to everyone but there are so many diseases that pertain to African Americans and I just want to be able to help our people.

I was also a personal trainer, so a lot of my clients started off with that because originally, I thought I was going to be a consistent personal trainer, but I was advised to make the training into a package with the tea. So, a lot of my personal training clients started of drinking my tea and then I took it to Instagram tried to find different ways to engage with clients. Then, the next step will be the website.

DELUX: How do you feel about store bought tea vs. organic tea?

Ms. Wellness: There is no comparison! My mom has a garden where she would grow mint. In the store when you buy mint, you know it’s packaged. When I pick my mint from the garden, I rinse it off and I know it’s clean and green; I broil water and add it to my tea. I don’t have to worry about it because I know that I picked it and its right. It’s a good feeling when you know it’s 100% organic.

DELUX: What are your thoughts on making your own tea?

Ms. Wellness: That’s a 2-year goal for me, especially since I’d have to plant everything, and it’ll cut down on costs for me!

DELUX: What do you want people to know about their wellness and things that you figured out in the midst of helping your mom.

Ms. Wellness: Always remember the tagline “Holistic is Realistic.” If you’re willing to try and use plants and herbs as a way to heal yourself, I can guarantee that you’ll get great results. Just like I took a risk with my mom, you have to be willing to take a risk and do your research because it’s out there! There are plenty of holistic doctors out there that have done the same thing and got the same results. The only difference with them is, they’re probably using a vegan lifestyle. I would say take a chance because you are all that you have.

To learn more about Ms.Wellness and her business, follow her on Instagram @Ms.Wellness88. Like her Facebook page @Ms. Wellness and search her hashtag #HolisticIsRealistic

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