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Jake Bain, a student athlete who was brave enough to come out and as a community we owe it to him to stand with him. No man or woman should be attacked and damn sure no high school student should be the center this over zealous church’s protest.

Members of Westboro Church, which is known for its brazen views towards LGBTQ rights, have made it known they plan to picket John Burroughs School in Ladue, Missouri, on Monday, March 12. On Feb. 24, the church released a press release on their website brought attention to a “smirking, proud fag child” attending the private, non-sectarian prep school as the reason for their protest.

Bain, made headlines in October when he came out as gay in a speech delivered at a school assembly.

In a December interview with an NBC affiliate, Bain stated, “My main reason for coming out was not necessarily for me. For me, it was to try and reach out to people who aren’t comfortable coming out. I feel like, especially within athletics, there’s a stigma. I don’t think being an athlete and gay really collide.”

On Monday, March 12, more than 200 John Burroughs students plan to stand in solidarity with their fellow classmate. Students plan to gather for an on-campus, 40-minute “display of support” for the LGBTQ community at the same time Westboro members make their appearance, which will be followed by a “unity walk” and a celebratory, “music-filled” assembly.

We will follow this story and update you as it progresses.

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