When you’re invited to a private screening you feel pretty exclusive, you know the invite only type deal. Rubbing elbows with the elite of St. Louis.  Well at least I did, because this weekend ended with a cinematic BANG! St. Louis definitely showed up and showed out for the private screening of  Lovelace Films “Eyes Don’t Lie”.

Held at the infamous Chase Park Plaza Cinema, the invite only cool kids had the opportunity to view our very own talented actors and actresses from St. Louis battle it out in this music/thriller video compilation movie.  St. Louis’ own Mai Lee and “Ke Ke The First Lady”, Boogie D from Hot 104.1 to name a few all made they debut in this film. Think of it as a hybrid between Kanye West Heartbreak 808 and BeyoncĂ©’s Lemonade. Super dope right? Now I don’t want to give away to many details and spoil it, but I will give a brief synopsis.

So to start off the entire film was taped in St. Louis, so imagine my excitement seeing areas besides the arch and the baseball stadium on the big screen. Any who, back to the storyline. It all started when up and coming rap artist Peetey Weestro (St. Louis native) wanted to make it to the top of the rap game.

Now to create a mental picture for you the movie opens up with a very dark twisted image and the voice of a therapist diagnosing a patient with a variety of mental illnesses. Of course as the movie goes on you realize who that mental patient might be. Battling his personal demons and his spiritual and musical journey Peetey Weestro becomes more and more conflicted with his emotions of rage, jealously, insecurity and anger. He starts to realize he loves hurting people just as much as he loves making music. All of a sudden things come to a head and BOOM each one of his “friends” are faced with his plan of evil.


Peetey Weestro is the next big thing out the Lou, check out his music and acting career online on YouTube and  Sound Cloud.

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