Have you heard LeToya’s newest album, Back 2 Life? If not, I encourage you to pull out your earbuds, pull up Apple Music, Tidal, or whatever music app of choice and start listening now. The once one-fourth part of Destiny’s Child has transformed into a phenomenal solo artist in her own right.  Like a butterfly blossoming from a cocoon, the sultry singer/actress is back with a grown and sexy sound even I can’t stop listening to. Thirteen tracks of love, heartbreak, loneliness, and questions about where her quest of love will end make up this collection of songs. Each track not only demonstrates her growth in music, but life and love as well. With her self-titled single Back 2 Life; Luckett touches on the struggles of making a relationship work with someone who has already checked out.

She follows up the broken-hearted track with Show Me, a funky, upbeat track with a guitar sound that all in all makes it a fun dance song. Luckett then shifts gears to more seductive, and jazzy sounds for tracks Middle and Grey (ft. Ludacris), where she’s telling her love interest about her uncertainty with their love and how she wants him to meet her in the middle. My personal favorite was Worlds Apart, when she begins with speaking a truth so many women often face in love. The countless tales of how we continue to stay with someone we know is no good for us. But its not all heartbreak embedded in the 13 tracks so you won’t use all of your tissues up. With tracks, Weekend and Higher, Luckett gives us just enough sexy to add to any late night playlist you may have and to show she’s definitely not the teenager who first burst onto the scene.

She closes out the album with a track called Disconnected. A ballad formed in the way of a love letter. Her plea to her lover telling him where they have finally arrived in their relationship and how they must now part ways. For me, the album is beautiful arrangement of instruments, sounds, and lyrics about a love story and the ups and downs that occur throughout it. My suggestion to you would be to grab a glass of wine, light some candles and put this album on repeat because it is definitely worth the listen.

To hear more of the album, check out LeToya at http://www.letoyaonline.com/


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