Vocals came together and created a new sound most would call Electric. The three tailored a new style that the industry could never duplicate to ensure their authenticity. Countless hours of vocal coaching, and intricate choreography is forcing St. Louis natives Sosy to embrace success.  Sosy is a vibrant female trio, a powerhouse of youthful artistic talent that undeniably will become a prominent industry mogul.

Unifying their outrageously diverse images may have been their biggest challenge; however each member of the group magnificently compliments the other. Jasmines elegant soprano vocals accentuate Brooks’ amazingly original alto contribution. While Britney balances the harmony with her contralto vocal range.  Their obvious contrast of sound and appearance is the magnificent formula that draws diverse audiences directly into Sosy!

Sosy’s creativity is on a zenith, and the elevation has afforded them the opportunity to offer exceedingly viable contributions to their choreography, appearance, as well as vocal arrangement.  Sosy will definitely be ground breaking and vital to the growth and development of the music scene in their hometown, St. Louis Missouri.  The Mid-West will be proud to support the world of entertainments’ next greatest international vocal success…the ladies of Sosy!

This is There new Single  RUN THE WORLD 

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