DSCF0814“Determined, friendly and straightforward,” that’s how aspiring model, Ashley describes herself. Motivated by her Latina fire and passion, Ashley is ready for what ever the small circumfrence of modeling has to offer her in St. Louis.

“I started modeling to earn extra income and I’m always networking to get more jobs now.” Ashley’s full-time gig is that of a college student and intern. She shares that as an adolescent, it was harder for her to fit in because of her multiethnic background, but now says that she is happier that diversity has become more embraced. If granted one wish, Ashley would “want the power to make herself happy as well as the people around her.” When asked what she would do as the Commander in Chief for a day, she carefully confesses, “I would take the troops out of Iraq because my cousin is there.” In matters of love, Ashley believes the most appealing thing a man could do for her is “to be supportive, understanding, and oh… give me a massage before bed.”

Words By: Abesi

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