All eyes were on St. Louis last night, as thousands tuned in for the second US Presidential Debate between¬†Secretary Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump¬†at Washington¬†University in St. Louis. Wash U’s¬† campus was filled with local, national, and international media outlets waiting with anticipation for the debate to begin.

Lindell Blvd.¬†look like a cross between a civic circus and a media frenzy, just on the corner of Lindell and Skinker David Brown, a local St. Louis attorney staged a “Hillary’s House of Horrors” tent. Resembling a haunted house there were decapitated heads, Halloween themed¬†music playing in the background, flashing lights all poking fun of the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. After what he called harassment from the St. Louis City Police, Brown was finally able to place up his tent, but the taunting didn’t stop there. “I’m with her” signs and Clinton supporters surrounded his exhibit.¬†Even some protesters drove as far as Mississippi came to support Hillary Clinton; a boastful supporter dressed in a¬†head-to-toe custom-made¬†dress of Hillary shared her thoughts and concerns to anybody who would listen. She even offered a picture or two with her gal pal Hillary cut-out.


But the fun didn’t stop there; I came across some interesting people who couldn’t wait to share their thoughts on the entire political process, the¬†front-runners and whatever else they felt like talking about.

Gilbert Mobley a doctor in Springfield¬†walked¬†proudly around the Washington University Campus with a Trump mask mocking the Republican front-runner¬†who¬†he believes is a blatant liar.¬†¬†Gilbert states one of his main concerns about Donald Trump is his lack of respect towards the Muslim community. Considering this country was founded on religious persecution, Trump’s disregards for their rights in this country is a contradiction to our fore fathers.

“Trump is¬†a contradiction¬†to our very core of what we [US] is essentially about…he’s a delusional person and divisive”, said Gilbert.

Gilbert strongly believes Trump brings out the worst in people; he blames Trump for the increased anger in this country. He continues with accusing Donald Trump of having no regards for the truth.

Gilbert continued with, “Donald keeps on lying… and because of that what we have now is a post truth era, where the truth doesn’t matter anymore.”


However, it wasn’t all bashing Trump supporters there, I ran into a very voice stress Democrat who was open about her vote with Trump. Yeah I know go figure right.

Cynthia Maue strongly supports Trump, in her opinion she believes the Democratic Party have been hijacked by President Barack Obama, former President Bill Clinton, and now Secretary Hillary Clinton. She even went as far to include other political figures such as Barbara Boxer and Dick Durbin. According to Cynthia they’re a bunch of Liberals who should be called the Socialism Party. They [the current Democratic Party] art taking from the working man and giving to those who does nothing to stimulate our economy. Cynthia added some colorful thoughts about what she believes towards abortion laws and even went as far to state the LGBT community is being forced down our throats by the “Democratic Party”. See I told you, a “civic circus” all sorts of people came out for this monumental event.

Cynthia continues by saying Democrats like Obama and the Clintons are like parasites that crept their way into the Democratic Party and became the host, and screwing over the little guy. However, Cynthia didn’t just clown the Democratic Party she also had a few choice words about the Republican Party, but her concerns are with the path the Democratic Party has been taking for the last 20 years. In her opinion Trump can delete all the corruption in Washington D.C. She is hell-bent on getting the Democratic Party back to its original state of yester year.

However many feel differently from Cynthia, Gilbert believes Trump has hijacked our democracy, accused Trump of being a, demigod who hits below the belt. While on the other hand from his point of view Hillary remains calm and has prepared herself to be president of the United States.

But for Cynthia who believes all Donald Trump is doing is asking for a fair chance and she is going to give it to him. To her Obama and Hillary Clinton have done nothing but bring our economy down.

Gilbert wants him out and Cynthia wants him in, but what about those who are indecisive?


Glen Person, owner of a local H/VAC is perplexed when it comes to who he is voting for. He doesn’t believe either are good candidates. To him, neither is talking about the real issues this country faces. As an African-American man he is more concerned with the race relations and police brutality that affect our community. He doesn’t believe in¬†Trump’s job security plan, “He has a rich man’s mentality”, he said. And that’s when the fun started, right in the middle our interview we were bombarded with a Trump supporter voicing his opinions during our interview. As you can imagine I doubt anyone heard the others opinion.

Now once that festive¬†side¬†debate ended, Glen continued¬†with,” Trump doesn’t care about people who are impoverished”. However he doesn’t believe Hillary would be much of a better choice either. Her so-called plans for education, foreign policy, or race relations are all “talk”.

“Black Live Matters isn’t a concern of hers”, said Glen. Yet and still he remains on the fence on who he will vote for. He has issues with them both, and because of that he hasn’t made a decision. He honestly stated he would have preferred Bernie Sanders as one of the front-runners.

Whoever you decide to vote for or whichever party you identify with or don’t, remember we live in a country where we can have a choice.



Ashley Winters
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