Latoya Thompson, owner and CEO of Heritage 1933 is this week’s Working Women Wednesday. A native of St. Louis and firm believer in owning one’s natural beauty is the one to keep an eye on. Someone who has a lot of passion for self-acceptance. Heritage 1933 has started the self LOVE movement for women and young girls living in the St. Louis area, especially for those who are living in shelters.

But who is Latoya Thompson and what is Heritage 1933? So sit back and enjoy this positive tea, while I tell you all about her.

So starting off, Latoya is a graduate of Riverview Gardens Senior High School class of 2005. Her path toward success took to her Fontbonne University majoring in Family Services/Social Work. Hmmm but what does social work and hair products have in common? We’ll get to that in a second.

Anywho, after some soul-searching and reading Jon Gordon’s, The Seed Finding Purpose and Happiness in Life, Latoya was moved to start living her life with purpose. After she revisited her thesis paper, which ironically challenged the social stigmas of self-image tied to women and children living in poverty, Latoya realized her sole purpose in life. She switched her major to Fashion Merchandise and graduated from Fontbonne University in 2011, and now Ladies we have Heritage 1933!

Latoya explained that Heritage 1933 is a beauty company that challenges the narrow perception of beauty, while investing in the lives of others. At the root of Heritage 1933, it is a mission to help women and children with every product purchased. Heritage 1933 will give hair care products to local shelters in support of women and children in need. If this isn’t a two for one I don’t know what is? Top notch natural beauty products and giving back, not to mention the packaging is super cute.

So to go back to the connection of hair products and social work, and their similarity, if you look closely that is exactly what that Latoya did. She merged the two into one.  She is allowing women and children to feel good about themselves by providing hair care products that will allow them to feel good on the outside. Through Heritage 1933 Latoya will have the opportunity to improve the well-being, self-esteem, and confidence of women and children by providing them with the tools necessary to sustain hair care.

However, the buck didn’t stop there. Heritage 1933 is challenging the narrow perspective view of beauty. With the “natural hair movement” on the rise, Heritage 1933 celebrates all natural beauty of all women. Heritage is getting back to our roots, says Latoya.  Especially in the African-American community, which our hair is the staple of our identity.

“Our hair mean so much to us, if our hair is not together we will stay in the house”, said Latoya.

Someone who sympathizes first hand with not feeling completely good about her looks understands how these women and young girls feel when they don’t look their best. As a young child Latoya experienced living in a shelter and not having hair products, she recalls using whatever they had to lay her hair down.

The thing is many people forget about hair products when donating to shelters, most of us think of clothes or the bare necessities toiletries. I admit I was that person until I talked with Latoya, who explained how donating hair products for our hair can give that young girl that extra boost of self-esteem. Or help the woman prepare for an upcoming job interview.

According to Latoya, healthy hair care helps build self-esteem, and they are so needed in women shelters.

So to all my ladies, girls, and independent women, lets join Latoya and make a difference with Heritage 1933.


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