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Ross, an up-and-coming artist in the St. Louis area, has successfully touched the fashion world with her distressed and recycled fashion line. Each piece are a specticle to gaze upon and give you a sense of how thrifty and creative this artist is.

Ross has grown in popularity from her live paintings and by being a ARTC_1-Year-5leading member of the community empowerment group, “NDIGO Tribe.”
She wholeheartedly believes in the empowerment of women and art and her upcoming presentation is sure to showcase it

This presentation will be on Sunday, October 16th starting at 7:11. Ross has decided to team up with Blaq Seance to bring St. Louis a intimate fashion show like none other. Both artist have agreed that they want to do something different with this show case. They want their viewers to experience a feeling as opposed to another high-end fashion show.

 “My mission is to provide the viewers with the best fashion presentation experience from beginning to end. Expect a bold, unique, sexy and daring presentation in the most creative way possible. This creative perspective will  be meshing art and fashion into one presentation. I want people to think of fashion as more than just a trend, but as a form of expression. I want this presentation to be a break from reality,” says Ross.

screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-7-37-31-amOctober 16th, make sure you’re in Old North Saint Louis as Ross and JacQ of BLAQ SEANCE present a high-end fashion presentation titled “Fur, Denim and Leather.” This line of designs from Ross will be purposed to combat what everyone believes is the trend with fashion.

“Fur, Denim and Leather,” will be an experience sure to change your mind about what it is and how it should be done. Tickets can be purchased at the door the night of the show and the venue hosting this presentation is Old North, located at 2718 N. 14th Street.