Before Robyn Bowen founded one of the top emerging hair care lines of 2020, she spent her spare time as a natural hair influencer and economist.

After experiencing hair loss issues, Robyn Bowen immediately decided to take her hair care matters into her own hands. Using her background as an economist she gathered an abundance of research, which she utilized to create her own blend of hair oil. After noticing the successful effects of the oil Robyn was quick to direct her newfound knowledge towards creating other products ranging from creams to gels. Soon after CURLDAZE was born.

CURLDAZE Dynamic Duo

As time progresses Robyn and her team continue to perfect the formulas of their products in order to produce the best results possible for their users! As an influencer, Robyn is well aware of all the struggles that come with natural hair. Being an influencer meant that Robyn was able to better understand the everyday problems natural hair enthusiasts experienced, which she touched on when asked what she’s learned about hair care as an influencer that you incorporated into CURLDAZE. “I learned that although many of us have been on this natural hair journey for years, we still struggle with styling our hair. That is why I made the decision to come out with quality stylers first to immediately help people with that aspect of hair care, says Robyn.

By using her background knowledge, the founder of CURLDAZE has been able to create products favored by many. Today the curl daze brand has earned a loyal following of supporters who love their products! When asked about them, Robyn shared just how much they mean to the brand. 

“I’ve had the privilege of building relationships with thousands of women, aka my curl friends, as an influencer. Once I launched the brand, my curl friends immediately began to purchase, do reviews, and post about it; which created such an amazing support system around CURLDAZE that it immediately took off. The success of CURLDAZE has been bigger than my wildest dreams so far and I’m truly grateful for each and every one of them, Robyn says”.

With such a great following the CURLDAZE brand looks forward to their brands future. When discussing what is to come for the brand, Robyn Bowen expressed her optimistic hopes and goals for the line. She says, “In the next 5 years, I see CURLDAZE as one of the biggest brands in the world.”

CURLDAZE Creamy Curl Stlyer

This brand is definitely one to keep an eye on. CURLDAZE promises to always produce top tier products with quality ingredients.” One can only expect a hair care line with which provides optimal results. If you’re in need of new products that specialize in the growth and health of your hair, check out CURLDAZE!

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