R. Kelly has issues far beyond anything I am capable of fully analyzing. I would pray for the man, but I quite frankly don’t believe in praying for devils. Here’s one of the primary reasons behind why a lot of old niggas be losing in 2018. It’s called the internet, and I think you might’ve heard of it at least once. Whatever nonsense in your mind that says “We must protect R. Kelly” must stop. I’m here to let you know if you’re defending this maniacal individual—you’re just as crazy he is himself. We appreciate you for exposing yourself to the rest of our community. I pray to God no one is sleeping with you because your whole entire approach to physical interactions is likely wrong.

Y’all think it’s acceptable to be completely off the mark about sexual consent. Here’s a concept you may not fully understand—abuse can still be present were there is consent. This is all very tiresome and frustrating. If you’re in favor of this clown—then all of y’all are some lames, and that’s on God. I’ve longed for the day that we’ve properly dealt with this sadistic bastard. This is a really sick and demented man and some of y’all have completely embarrassed yourselves by supporting him. R. Kelly is currently trash. Always has BEEN—always will be trash!

I don’t give a damn who dislikes me for saying it. Kiss my black ass and re-read it. No self respecting adult should participate in any type of sexual activity involving his music as the soundscape. You need mental help if you don’t understand what’s wrong with this.

Grown men defending R. Kelly deserve to be dragged into the middle of the street and castrated in public. Enough is enough, and I’m sure some of you brothers are going to suit up and come for me. Well, I’m waiting on you because I just don’t understand the psychology behind supporting a hell spawn such as R. Kelly. We’re talking about a man that has reached legendary fuck boy levels in this lifetime. He might even be the person I’d consider the worlds highest ranking fuck boy.

As a black male involved in the music industry—brushing elbows with artists he’s worked with for years—I’m worried about y’all. The truth is this information has been circulating inside the music industry for decades now. He’s not the only one—he’s simply the one that got caught and exposed. The music industry has tried to protect him because many of his colleagues are just as guilty him.

Its not new information that underage girls were signing wavers to enter the parties at R. Kelly’s home—these are public parties. Several young girls have talked publicly about the activities taking place in his home for years. Although all the women at these parties weren’t underage—most of them will share some of his unusual behaviors. He’s a fucking weirdo and needs to be addressed as such. R. Kelly is an unchecked, unscathed, and unpunished sexual deviant. I’ve read reports that he was also functionally illiterate.

This is not new information. Over the years, he’s been handled with care because the music industry valued him over the testimonies of black women. So many of these men have been in the industry since the late 90’s and now they want to speak out. Why? Well, a radically organized and disorganized force of millennials collectively said “F*ck R. Kelly!” If you support R. Kelly this one’s for your disgusting, low life, bottom feeding, trifling, thin layer of the soap using behind as well. Women are leading the charge as usual, but it needs to be known that there are brothers not rocking with this nasty, pathetic clown.

Goodbye Robert, your time is long over due. To all the clowns endorsing this nonsense—we can’t wait for all of you to die off and perish from the face of the earth. In fact, I wouldn’t cross the street to urinate on R. Kelly if he was on fire.

It’s time to unite against fuck boy behavior and this man might be the Ali of the fuck boy community. Most men defending him lack self respect, dignity and just might have a rape on their records. Music industry folks are finally distancing themselves from R. Kelly. Truth be told, no one wants to hear any new music from him. Lets start with this one and not act like Ty Dolla $ign didn’t end R. Kelly’s career on the hit making scale.

If he still had a hit or two left in him—I’m sure they’d perpetuate this sickness by giving him everything he needs in order to create his content. But he doesn’t and even by their low grading standards—his talent has fallen off. Unfortunately, we’ve all witnessed these bastards sacrifice the bodies of young black women to Robert Kelly for chart toppers and plaques. They don’t give three damns about the victims of his sex cults.

As they suddenly distance themselves from him it should be duly noted many of them have blindly supported him. They will take this same oath of secrecy and work for another musician with similar behavior. R. Kelly is the next big fish the millennials are about to destroy.

Black women morphed into a united fighting force on that boy, and now he’s toast. Brothers like myself can’t stand the dog faced bastard so we got in on it too. The man is a demon trapped inside a human body. He’s a nasty, foul, intellectual void and incompetent creature. Even as a kid, I knew something wasn’t right with this one. I’ve made the assessment that all of my older cousins might be some damn sickos. I love y’all but I’m worried because lets be real.

This is the music they loved and listened to in high school. On some of these tracks—he’s clearly not referencing fully adult women. He’s clearly referencing underage sexual exploits on some of these so called classic songs. By the time he started dropping hits in my era they were noticeably terrible songs. For some reason, everyone liked them despite the god awful song writing and singing on these tracks.

We may often laugh about it but if you’ve ever needed a clear example of his insanity—listen to each and every episode of “The Closet”. The man is an obvious nut case and y’all chose to act straight up oblivious to the fact. I’ve always hated that damn song. ALWAYS. This is not creative song writing, this is a damn lunatic empowered by the publics fascination of lunacy. He was ennobled by a coronation misogyny and constant radio rotation.


His stupidity was supported in mass levels simply because most of y’all are in fact equally as stupid. In the land of the blind, the man with one eye is the king. I’ve never witnessed a greater analysis for this parable. Adults let another adult refer to his self as “The Pied Piper of R&B” and said nothing. Even as a child, I was like “yooo this is not normal, something obviously is not right!!”

Don’t ask me how does your uncle get away with molesting women in your family— for the last 30 years—when we as a people allowed R. Kelly to publicly be that same exact figure for all of his music career. Black people rather we admit it or not have always known these things about him to some minor extent. He’s always been the creepy uncle that was allowed to be a creep—was improperly chastised, then invited back to the family reunion annually.

This isn’t a dream nor is it an SNL skit—this actually happened. Not only did it happen, but he was handsomely rewarded as if he was goddamn Lionel Richie’s second coming. I see the same thing happening today in the music industry if being honest.

The kids of today aren’t music industry A&R’s. They aren’t clearing budgets for this trash that’s being released. However, the adults are and the ones that work at these labels are not concerned with quality control. They don’t care if you have sex with a horse and record it. If the song makes any type of noise on Billboard they’ll take it.

These artists are signed and supported by older people that are making capitalistic assumptions about the artists they think young people respect. In return, we’ve got a generation of totally underwhelming artists shoved in our faces constantly. Why? Because there’s nothing like money in a zip lock bag. It’s all about the cash money at the end of the day.

R. Kelly has stopped effectively producing for the machine in a way that competes with the his R&B contemporaries of today. They want him gone and so do we, so it all works in our favor. Everyone wins. Plus, ultimately we simply aren’t feeling him. I can’t listen to a nigga that has women tied up against their will in his basement. Nah, bruh I can’t do it and I won’t do it. I wish the cops would invade this damn compound and hit him in the head like the Special Op’s allegedly did to Bin Laden.

His day is just now arriving and this is a battle he will lose. Next, we’ll  get rid of the dirty dogs that have been protecting him all of these years. They all have to go. Otherwise, this behavior will be replicated by the next millionaire, half singing, barely knowing how to write a sentence, music industry slave.

Tef Poe