It’s safe to say this week has been a whirlwind of a week. Trump stirred up more Twitter drama, another white man went on a killing spree, America’s favorite dad became a felon, and the only thing we got right was that spring finally decided to make an encore appearance. From the moment this week kicked off, it’s been one series of crazy, insane instances after the next. With everything that occurred by Thursday, most felt it was time to throw the whole week away and just start over. As we prepare ourselves for a new week—let’s scroll through and check out what we’ve been talking about this week.


James Shaw Jr. (Waffle House shooting)

Sadly, the week began with news of tragedy. Four black people were gunned down in a Nashville Waffle House at the hands of white domestic terrorist who had already shown signs of pre-mediated violence. Having his guns previously confiscated, Travis Reinking, took the lives of four people before being wrestled and taken down by another patron, James Shaw Jr. Though, he may have been overlooked by our over-tweeting President, Shaw’s heroic attempts have not gone unnoticed. Taking his heroic efforts to the next level—Shaw has also raised $200K for the other victims—and is using his platform to educate more people about gun violence.


Bill Cosby’s Conviction

Whether you agree with the allegations or not, on Thursday—America’s TV Dad time ran out. Dividing the black community even further, many people ran to social media to voice their opinions about the situation. After decades of building a reputable reputation, Cosby was convicted on three counts of aggravated sexual assault. His first escape came at the hands of a hung jury, but his second time around wasn’t as lucky. As we now await his sentencing, we can only hope justice will be fair to all the others who have committed this crime.


Kanye MAGA Declaration

If there was ever a doubt that Kanye had gone to sunken place—he confirmed it this week. Erupting Twitter into complete chaos, the controversial hip hop genius tweeted out a picture of himself in a MAGA hat. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the musical madman turned the sunken place newest composer had a public conversation with the other Twitter toddler we’ve grown to hate. All week, Kanye and Trump had a Twitter bromance that left us wondering is this the real Kanye? Are we beginning to see the self-absorbed person we may have mistakenly claimed as one of our own? And just when you thought he’d officially flown the coop—he dropped two new singles. We’re not 100% sure if he and Trump are new BFF’s, but if not, we can say this goes down as the marketing plan of the year.


Kelis Confesses About Nas

This has been a crappy week for black celebrity men. As the week rounded out, more bad news poured in. As if Kanye’s Twitter tantrum and Cosby’s conviction weren’t enough—Kelis’s candid interview about her relationship with Nas spread like wildfire. According to the singer turned chef, she endured both emotional and physical abuse while they were together which lead to their demise. Details of the tumultuous relationships rocked the hip hop hemisphere as we witnessed another black man horrid actions unfold before our eyes. Although, no word on Nas’s side of has surfaced to counter the claims—one can only hope there won’t be more victims to surface.


Desmond Marrow Video

It seemed this week didn’t end any better than it started. Another black man was assaulted on camera by police officers. Even though the video of Marrow being assaulted by the police was recorded in December—the former NFL player released the video on Facebook to alert the public what occurred to him in Henry County, Ga. According to Marrow and the video, the Henry County department assaulted him after a road rage incident that was initiated by someone else. Seeing the video along with the caption only reminded of us of one thing—black people are not safe in America or around the police.



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