Listen to a song by Pharrell Williams and try to put it into only one category. Impossible, considering the producer and performer mixes sounds and genres effortlessly, right? So it’s no surprise that when he created a liqueur, he also made sure it would cross boundaries. Available in strawberry or peach, this first of its kind liqueur (12.5 ABV) can be served on the rocks, mixed for cocktails or deliciously baked into cupcakes, pastries and more. The choices are endless…and all delicious.

The strawberry flavor is rosy pink, opalescent in appearance and tempts the taste buds with a lightly decadent mélange of sweet berries. The aroma opens up like melted strawberry ice cream on a hot summer day. The initial taste is of ripe, sweet strawberry and fresh cream, followed by light tropical notes, a silky texture and a touch of warmth from the premium vodka, resulting in a clean full bodied finish, with a whisper of vanilla.


Qream: Peach Creme

The peach flavor is frosty soft in appearance and tempts the taste buds with a lightly decadent burst of fresh ripe peaches. The bouquet is fruit forward with subtle vanilla-cream notes and luscious fruit. The initial taste is delicately creamy, with peachy sweet top-notes balanced by exotic tropical fruit nectar, a silky cream texture and the brightness of premium vodka spirit, resulting in a clean, sublimely juicy cream finish.

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