Epiphany Boutique, which opened this past April, is a fashion haven for sophisticated women.  Owner Louise Thomas found it hard in the past to find places that were a true reflection of her unique sense of style. She craved quality pieces that spoke to her personality.  “I know there are many women likemyself that are sophisticated, sexy, confident, and tenacious. I have always wanted to be a part of the fashion industry, but never really knew how I was going to break into it.” What’s a girl to do when she is unhappy with shopping options? Create that opportunity for yourself! Louise hosts network parties, attends multiple social events to help promote her boutique, she styles photo shoots, and much more! She’s been featured on Fox 2 News as well as KPLR Channel 11 News to showcase her styling abilities. Allow Louise to share with you her vision of fresh, timeless styles from across the country.


Epiphany Boutique is located inside the PW Shoe Lofts

Midtown 63103


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