Every door you encounter is a corridor of opportunity. There are few opportunities that you will encounter in life that will automatically open right up for you. There are many doors of opportunity, but if you approach each one expecting the door of success to automatically open, then you may find yourself still standing, still waiting, but never having access to get through the door. There are five things you will need to do when you find yourself at the doorstep of opportunity.

#1 Approach

First, you have to make your mind up to approach every opportunity with an open mind and an eager heart.

#2 Knock 

There will be times that you will find yourself standing at the door of opportunity and when you do, make sure you knock to make your presence known. Do not be timid in the pursuit of your desires. If you are eager to reach a new level of opportunity, then you must not be afraid to disrupt the atmosphere. Your confidence and persistence may be the very attributes that set you apart from everyone else.

#3 Find the Handle

When you reach the door of opportunity, find the handle before you try to walk through the door. Make sure you are prepared and have a firm grip on what is going to be expected of you. Most importantly, be confident that you are prepared and equipped to take on the opportunity that is in front of you.

 #4 Push through

We discussed earlier that there are few automatic doors, so if you want to ensure that you get through the doors of opportunity, then you need to add some action to your thoughts and dreams. Sometimes you will have to push yourself through the door, pushing past your naysayers, pushing past all doubt, pushing past any obstacles.

#5 Walk fearlessly into Your Greatness

Now that you have opened the door of opportunity, walk through fearlessly into your greatness. You have walked through the first of many doors to come. Celebrate the milestone of your achievement and always remember to keep moving forward.


“The doors will be opened to those who knock”

Tony Gaskins

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