Well it seems the SZA has finally dropped the video to her controversial song, The Weekend. Turning the directorial hat over to fellow R&B singer, Solange, the two collaborate to give listeners a visual concept to the song.

The R&B sensation shows off her girlish figure in a glitter suit on a white balcony. But, not before giving viewers a dance tease in a black cut-out body suit. The video’s concept is totally unexpected considering the lyrics to the song are bold and in your face. Most would have expected a hotel or couple of rated x scenes to pair with the brazen words the singer sings.

From parking garages, to balconies, to sidewalks, the video is somewhat reminiscent of Solange’s Cranes in the Sky, with various long shots and clear focus on the singer herself. Though we didn’t get an actual side chick/main chick scenario, SZA shows the world she has some sultry moves to match the vocals.

Check out the video below.



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