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Our favorite time of year is quickly approaching and it’s the time of year that some of us do the most spending. If you’re like me, you were waiting on the holiday season to decorate your home and shop for the people you love.

Christmas is known as the most wonderful time of year—and some of us feel so wonderful—we start spending way more than you should. This holiday season, instead of going crazy and spending tons of money outside of your budget—lets plan it out!

Start with a list. Write down everything you will need for the holidays. This includes decorations, gifts, holiday cards, travel budgets, wardrobe for yourself, etc. Holiday parties are coming up and I know you’re going to find something to wear—pick up a food tray—or a bottle of wine that you may want to bring to the party. All of this should be included in your list. To jumpstart your planning, here’s an example of a list to keep you on track!

Set your spending limits. This is when you need to really sit down and think. Do you really need all the extravagant holiday items you love to buy when you’re in the holiday spirit? How much are you spending on gifts? How much are you spending on travel? How much are you spending on all your holiday extracurricular activities? Come up with a limit for everything and stick to it.  

Gifts. Everybody doesn’t get a gift. Don’t feel guilty about not getting something for everyone. I know you’re in the spirit to give, but you can’t buy gifts for everyone. Be selective and choose wisely. You don’t have to get gifts for every cousin and every friend you have.

  • To save money on buying gifts for every friend of yours, do a Secret Santa gift exchange. Then everyone gets a gift and it keeps the holiday excitement going.
  • Buy meaningful gifts instead of expensive gifts. When it comes to purchasing gifts for your loved ones, meaningful gifts are the best. People love gifts that you put some thought into versus giving them the latest trendy item on the market. This will make your loved ones happy and save you some cash.

Don’t stress, enjoy your time. Make plans and stick with them so you can really enjoy the holidays. Focus on the true meaning of the holidays instead of focusing on material things. Spending time with your loved ones during the holiday is more important than anything. Start holiday traditions that your family would look forward to for years to come.

My nephews expect to have their Christmas night every Christmas Eve with their movies, our favorite holiday snacks, building a gingerbread house, and just relaxing in our Christmas pajamas. Every year, my siblings and I eat dinner and go to see a movie on Thanksgiving—even when there isn’t anything worth seeing in theaters. Our traditions are more important to us than any gift I could have bought them.

While we prepare for the 2018 holiday season, remember that you don’t have to stress about money. Be sure to plan and build memories that will last when all the material things pass away.

Enjoy your holiday!

Tell me in the comments below some of the ways that you save for the holidays…


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