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Here are some dope photos from 8/18’s happening ” 8″  – created by creator. brand and sponsored by Avalon Exchange.


Audience members showed up at exactly 8:18 pm in STL’s Delmar Loop not knowing what to expect. Cryptic advertisements popped up all over social media only showing a time and place. When people arrived, they were given a flyer with a free button attached.  It was the brand’s first official event in the STL area.


The people at the hookah bar across the street stopped mid- smoke to see what was going on.

It was SO dope.


Model Jasmina Krupic prepares to hit the scene. (Photo by Simone Yael)

Designer and creator Brand Curator, Simone Yael poses with the “8” models.

The “Statik 8” button that was custom-designed specifically for the event. Audience members received this button for free 8/18 but you can cop them for $0.99 @ www.creatorbrand.bigcartel.com


(Concept and clothing custom designed by me- Simone Yael (:

(From left to right, Henry Trinh, Saja Alshati and Preach) (Photo by Nin-Kam- Bazi – twitter: @BaziTaughtYou)


Model Melanie Monroe poses after the show.
(photo by Trina Rager – TrinaRager.com )

creator. Brand curators Simone Yael and Monty C. Benjamin snap a quick post- show photograph. (Photo by Trina Rager- TrinaRager.com)


(p.s. word on row is that the next installment, “9” is just around the corner- and it will only be bigger)

Not only is creator. Brand casting for models for the show, there is a $0.08 limited time sale on their site for early adapters…  it’s a jet you don’t want to miss!


To buy merch: www. creatorbrand.bigcartel.com

To reach out to creator. Brand – creatorbrand17@gmail.com


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