ST. LOUIS –  Motion in Delmar Loop was at a standstill last night as protestors peacefully demanded the conviction of Former St. Louis police office Jason Stockley. Stockey was charged with murder in the on duty shooting of a drug suspect on December 20th, 2011.

Barricades have gone up downtown St. Louis- awaiting the trail verdict. however, citizens in University City would not let that stop them. Tension were high. Police officers braced themselves when confronting the crowd- all the while, protestors demanded justice for those that had been unlawfully killed in the city of St. Louis by on duty officers.

the movement

“Convict Jason Stockey!!” They demanded. Some protestors even lying in the street.

Since the original allegations against Stockley, new footage has surfaced and raises questions. Activists have been patiently awaiting the verdict and have pledged disruptive protests if Stockey is acquitted.

As of this week, trail date has not yet been set. Stay tuned for more to follow.


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