Chris ‘Gotti ‘Lorenzo co- founder of the hit making iconic record label Murder Inc., came down to St. Louis this past Monday to join in on the premier of iHeart Radio and 100.3 The Beat’s Behind the Beat series. Hosted by Osei ‘The Dark Secret’ and Remy Martin. The premier of Behind the Beat was sure to be a banger. Hanging out and promoting his new business ADD ventures. Chris was giving personal advice on how to make it in the ever so challenging world of music. Everything from staying mindful of your rights as an artist to knowing how to promote your music through today’s music markets. So, to pass on the knowledge below are a few tips from Chris ‘Gotti’.

A new school way of thinking… Is streaming music the new frontier for music artists of today?

Chris ‘Gotti ‘Lorenzo: “As an artist you must understand the effectiveness of streaming music. People don’t have to buy your [artist] full album to support you. Watching a video or downloading one song is also a way someone could show you support. It’s still money a lot of money if you stream your music. As an artist you can build just as much revenue by having your music and videos streamed.”
 Should you leave your current market to go to another to advance your music?

Chris ‘Gotti ‘Lorenzo: “So all artists should take advantage of their market, for instance if your market is in another city…go to that city. Like with Hip-Hop, there are markets for Hip-Hop in every corner of the world go to the people who support you. Supply your audience with the demand of your music.


You vs. The Trends

Chris ‘Gotti ‘Lorenzo: “Adjust your product [ music] to the changes of the music industry if you want to stay current and if you want to improve your metrics. Keep pushing your music out there, take advantage of the music streaming industry, these streaming companies have transcended a lot of new artist careers.”

Do I sign the deal or do I stay I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T?

Chris ‘Gotti ‘Lorenzo: “In today’s music industry artist now are found through metrics, back then if you walked into an executive’s office you could hear music blasting, because they’re trying to find the next hit maker. Now it’s like an accounting firm, it’s all about the numbers. People are checking your ‘stats’ to see if you are worth investing in.”

So, if you missed out on the Behind the Beat event, no need to worry there are more to come. In the meantime, keep track of these dope tips and visit 100.3 the Beat for more Behind the Beat dates.






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